Monday, August 11, 2014

Jenny McClain And More Kansas City Monday

Jenny McClain is kind of a low-rent porn "star" but she'll suffice for right now because it's Monday . . .

- Lesson In Kansas City "Scholars" On Lock-down: New security measures added in area schools

- Rock Chalk Still Nasty: Survey: Sexual assaults persist at KU

- Naming The Dead Among Kansas City's Creative Class: Victim in deadly Crossroads shooting identified

- Local Perv Bust: KC man sentenced for child pornography

- Golden Ghetto Attacker 1st Look: Man charged in Olathe assault case makes 1st court appearance

- Drudging Up Death: Body pulled from Big Eleven Lake in KCK

- Show-Me The Next Cash Scheme: After Sales Tax Defeat, Missouri Lawmakers Search For Other Funding Methods For Roads

- Putting Tumors On The Internets: Google Glass goes into KC metro operating room

- Happy Propaganda From JaxCo: Chiefs' new parking lot traffic plan scores rare compliments

- Lesson In Biz Promo: Kansas City's Lean Lab Looks To Entrepreneurs To Improve Education

- Parody Legend Local Connection: Weird Al gets a hand from Kansas City's Project Blackbird

- Cowtown Catalog: Kansas Citians' Digital Stories Now Part Of The Library's Collection

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Anonymous said...

Vicious rapist negro gets $2mil bail. Good. Jackson County could learn a lesson there...

Anonymous said...

Stephon? Must be a white guy.

Rope, Tree said...

re: Golden Ghetto Attacker 1st Look: Man charged in Olathe assault case makes 1st court appearance

Rope, Tree @ the QT

Anonymous said...

Jesse Akins, 22, is charged with more than 10 counts, including rape and burglary.

Hey!! WTF!!!
He's not a white, latino, or asian guy!
All those who guessed lost your bet.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he's one of the Section 8's that's flooding into JoCo. to provide multicultural enrichment.

Anonymous said...

She would look better with real tits.

Niggers fuck up EVERYTHING!