Friday, August 22, 2014

Help Out Kansas City Doggies In Heat

A reminder that local mutts might need more attention and care over the weekend . . . Certainly something to consider while stepping over a hobo passed out from heat stroke. Check it: Local organization helping pets during this extreme heat


Anonymous said...

Yes folks we are starting yet another non-profit for dogs and cats because the 250 we already have just aren't enough. So we have enough money to pay our director $75,000.00 this year, but if we don't mooch more money from the public dogs will die. So please give us money and once we pay our staff (who are all cousins) we might have enough to buy a dog air conditioner. Don't you dare feel guilty!

Anonymous said...

White folk runnin' up in ghetto back yards, "we just want to give some water to your pit bull". They should give them bright t-shirts with the word VICTIM printed on them front and back.

Anonymous said...

Wilson got his non profit started.