Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Golden Ghetto Granola: Bulk It Foods

Here's a quick look at better eating options in the Golden Ghetto . . .

This JoCo health food store opened last week and it looks like that have much better options than what's stocked at the liquor store or the burrito truck that always hangs around my block.

More importantly . . . This seems to be part of an overall JoCo Golden Ghetto Health Food Store Boom as entrepreneurs attempt to steal away a bit of that "whole paycheck" cash and provide a nicer atmosphere for suburbanites who mistakenly believe that broccoli cures cancer.   

Take a look:

Bulk it Foods


"The Bulk It story began many years ago, with a friendship.

"We’re Nancy Baum, Vicki McIntosh and Mandy Stuke, founders of Bulk It. We share a vision for something fun, healthy, positive and delightfully simple. When the opportunity arose to open a business based on just that, we were in. On the road to healthier lives, Bulk It was born.

"Founding Bulk It in historic Old Town Lenexa was a natural choice. As Kansas City natives, we’ve seen the impact that unique, locally-owned businesses can have on the community. With a heart for revitalization, we chose this historic area for Bulk It, diving in headfirst to the locally-owned community.

"At Bulk It, we believe healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring, it can be affordable and it can be done sustainably. Focused on supporting local businesses, we’re thrilled to invite you to our unique health food store."

It might be worth a journey to the burbs to check out this place if only to walk around suggestively with an organic zucchini and try our luck with desperate middle-class housewives.

More in a bit . . .

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Anonymous said...

Wow! a one horse town legacy whose founders are legends in their own minds. Exactly the criteria to land on TKC blog. Do they fight crime too?