Friday, August 15, 2014

Fighting The Kansas City Transit Future Top 5

Quick note tonight about how po'folk will ride around town in the very near to distant future . . .


These are just a few quick hits because SOME OF US are still fighting over the last election . . .

5. Tragic Strategy - They're Waiting For Mr. Peanut To Pass For Toy Train Round III

It's a macabre tactic but something that Kansas City politicos have been talking about for quite some time. Really, it's the only way to get around this local political juggernaut who has helped KCMO avoid the pipe dreams of so many unimaginative politicos.

4. Jackson County Vaporware Light Rail Now Off-Track

Almost a year after promising a "transit agenda" The County Executive still hasn't decided what higher office he's going to chase in order to make these empty pleasantries payoff.

3. Kansas City Transit Moves Stall If Hillary Stays Losing

The promise of Obama-cash for local transit schemes has thankfully slipped away from Kansas City.

2. MAX BUS LINE And More Rapid Transit Is A Better And Underrated Alternative

It's not all bad news . . .

1. KC ATA Honcho Mark Huffer Stepping Down Will Mean More Looking On Behalf Of The Toy Train Streetcar.

The sad fact here that nobody is reporting is that the toy train streetcar is ALREADY OVER BUDGET and the only way that can keep on paying for it is to expand the project or steal from the bus . . . Today's late Friday job news provides a preview of what Kansas City voters an expect . . .

We'll watch all of this chug along like a runaway train as voters continue to be taken for a ride.

Developing . . .


Nancy McNoodlly of Leawood said...

None of this matters as Google tells me that cars will be driving themselves by 2020.

Not sure how that is going to work when leaving Arrowhead stadium, but I reckon they've got an Indian guy working out the bugs.

Anonymous said...

Oregonian‘s intrepid reporter, Joseph Rose said it all: Portland- deferred maintenance, delayed trains, $950 million in unfunded retirement benefits, transit cuts and fare increases, secret pay raises to transit agency executives, an angry transit union, and a plan to move transit riders on buses around rail work that “basically imploded.”

Anonymous said...

Huffer bailing before the ship sinks completely.

Anonymous said...

Paradigm Shift? After Ferguson Shooting, Nearly Half of Americans Polled, Do Not Trust Police

Well of course they don't want anyone complaining or getting in the way of them being classless jackasses seven days and nights a week.

Anonymous said...

The streetcar was ALWAYS over budget, because the original TDD was designed to get the votes needed to win, NOT to generate adequate money for planning, engineering, acquisition, construction, operation, and maintenance.
Then add in the fact that Sly and the gang borrowed $10 million for PLANNING phase II and are paying back interst-only by stealing from PIAC neighborhood infrastructure maintenance funds.
They're SO FAR over budget, they can't see the top of the trough.
All aboard.
Anybody seen Caleb?

Anonymous said...

Mike Sanders will continue as chief lawn mower in JaCo. Pretty good coin for doing absolutely fucking nothing. All he wants to do is not rock anyone's boat at this point so no one rocks HIS little dinghy. Wouldn't take much.

Anonymous said...

Mike Sanders is too damn lazy

Anonymous said...

Mike Sanders is more worthless than Crystal Williams. He is a liar that keeps on with his bizarre lies. Does anyone think that there is a county light rail plan actually in the works?
Mike Sanders is shitting bricks as Crystal Williams, in her role as stupid bitch, is trying to get the county to "ban the box" so felon Tindall can muscle weak ass Sanders into giving him a job.
That is the level of ethics in the courthouse. Thank you Teresa Garza for nothing. Keep your ass out of city hall.

Anonymous said...

You need to google "budget" and "over".

Anonymous said...

The Prospect MAX part of the TDD vote was one of the most cynical moves I ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them.

There has never been an explanation of why the east side was required to "approve" a MAX line when the Main Street and Troost MAX lines were implemented without seeking anyone's "yes" vote.

To me it was throwing a bone to the east side, or, "We'll give you something useful if you vote for this tremendous waste of money that's going to require the east side to be a construction zone for the duration plus six months."

And people wonder why we don't trust our elected leaders!

Anonymous said...

So now the TRANSIT people should be beating down the doors of city hall to get the Max on Prospect ---or were they just promising shit.
The Max on Prospect should be done now if they were at all serious about TRANSIT.

Soter said...

My sources at the County tell me that with Fred Simms, (The resident adult at Jackson County) finally retiring, Shelley Kneuvean is building a paper empire.

Word from Cicero to help Shelley
“Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:
Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others;
Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected;
Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it;
Refusing to set aside trivial preferences;
Neglecting development and refinement of the mind;
Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.”

Tuluride said...

Whoa! Sotar! You are messing with Skippy's lifestyle.

Soter said...

If that truly is Mr Sanders' lifestyle, he needs to turn over a new leaf and help those in need, instead of his sycophants. However, the real County Executive is Shelley Kneuvean, who we did not even elect. Sanders is a prisoner that is only allowed to play with toy trains.

"Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power."
- George Bernard Shaw

Anonymous said...

Here ya go! Economist pulls back the curtain on streetcars!|d