Monday, August 18, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski And Kansas City Links

Emily Ratajkowski is maybe our favorite new model in the whole wide world even if she doesn't take her top off in this artsy lingerie photo set . . . Also, here are the Kansas City mainstream media links I'm checking:

- Community Open House: KCPD plans community meetings at patrol divisions

- Tonight's Traffic Scare: Unidentified object diverts traffic in downtown KC . . . Update, object cleared

- Show-Me Obamacare: Missouri residents waiting months to find out if they have Medicaid coverage

- Tragedy Aftermath: Family of woman in fatal bus fall settles with bus company

- Disclosure Slap On The Wrist: Missouri Democratic group to pay $10K ethics fine

- Gov. Sam Shoring Up WyCo Votes: Brownback Proposing Urban Opportunity Zones In Kansas

- Yael Laments The Loss Of Kansas City Girl Power: Say goodbye to powerful women in KC area counties

- Celebrate The 1% Watering Hole Resurrection: JJ's sets sights on October opening

- More Local Hotness On The Way: Joe’s Weather Blog: Hottest Weather Of The Year?

- Kansas City Freebie Bike Progress: Kansas City B-Cycle expansion going slowly; new stations hopefully by the end of the year

- Local Real Estate Report: KC home sales down slightly, but prices edge up

- The Kansas City Chiefs Could Be Cursed: Freak injury sidelined Charles against Carolina Panthers Sunday night

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Toni Bones mugged by reality. Returning to KC.

Anonymous said...

Best protest sign since this fiasco started.

Ferguson School Teacher

Can we have peace so I can teach?

Anonymous said...

Re-post....not Spam !

Missouri Highway Patrol.....Idiots in Action said...
What a total cluster fuck. The Cops have done every stupid thing possible to fuck this up.

It is not a big surprise to anyone that the Ferguson PD could not handle the situation but when the Missouri Highway Patrol comes in it get's even more fucked up. They are a TOTAL COMEDY SHOW. The entire world is looking at Missouri now and we are on a level lower than Arkansas.

Fuck, How stupid are these Missouri Highway Patrol idiots ? Now you get the National Guard tonight and in a S'lie James move, Nixon lifts the curfew. +

A few trouble making moon crickets are taking advantage of the situation to loot and shoot. Most of the people being arrested now are white people.

The fucking Highway Patrol are a bunch of fucking morons. Avoid those dumb ass idiots at all cost. No wonder we have so many accidents and crimes unsolved. Wit clowns like that acting as the main law enforcement in the state, we are about as safe as Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

I want an art studio now.

Anonymous said...

So whats your solution, 6:23? Its amusing to see so many critics but nobody has a better idea on how to handle what is still a highly combustable situation. Instead of bullshit bravado, how about some suggestions?