Thursday, August 21, 2014

Congrats To Horrible Golden Ghetto Couple: Overland Park Nuptials Include Pachyderm

Nothing says love like a lumpy beast sweating it out some place where they really don't belong without a real idea of what consent entails, we we don't just feel sorry for the groom but also the captive animal in this story too . . . One Overland Park couple will have an elephant at their wedding


The Maid said...

Fuck you I ain't cleaning up no elephant shit

black guy who smeared shit on his sheets said...

dang, man fo dees sheets aint been cleaned in no while. I's needs a free room or at leasta discount or imma goin to coprate

Polar Bear said...

Hopefully brother pachyderm will

go rogue and destroy the entire

wedding...blowing a gigantic

dung los on the entire

collection of "shit stains".

Anonymous said...

Will the elephant be coming on the honeymoon?

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding the Latino couples often take an armadillo on their honeymoon.