Sunday, August 24, 2014

Clay Chastain Offers Sunday Truce With Mayor Sly And Council Amid Light Rail Ballot Crisis

TKC NOTE: Read the latest from Clay Chastain as the deadline approaches for a controversial Kansas City light rail question . . .

Clay Chastain emergency draft to resolve Light Rail Initiative election crisis.

Emergency draft (Tuesday is deadline to certify ballot issues to the Kansas City Election Board for the November 4, 2014 Kansas City Election Ballot) from Kansas City Activist Clay Chastain (spokesperson for the Committee of Petitioners (COP) for the Light Rail Initiative Petition) and the COP.

*** ( Draft - for immediate public and City Council debate ) ***

Pronouncing the City in democratic and transit crisis because the City Council intends to place before the voters two tax initiative ballot questions that do not tell the voters what the taxes are intended for, and because there is presently no resolution from the City Council that would tell the voters what the City would use the taxes for, if approved by voters; and

WHEREAS, there is a need for cooperation between the City and Clay Chastain, unity in the community, and a "Transit Plan B" that is reasonable, feasible and could move Kansas City forward around a new citywide multimodal rail-based transit system and secure currently available federal matching rail funds; and

WHEREAS, the City's current initiative ballot language may implicate, and thus violate, the John Hancock Amendment of the Missouri State Constitution because the ballot questions propose two taxes without specifying a project for those taxes; and

WHEREAS, Clay Chastain and the COP are dissatisfied with the City's current ballot language because it does not even mention that the questions are from an initiative petition for light rail, and thus Clay Chastain and the COP are not sure what to campaign for: and

WHEREAS, the City is in the untenable position of not telling the voters what the City would do with the taxes if approved by voters; and

WHEREAS, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Sandra Midkiff suggested to both sides (at the time of her ruling) she would amend her ruling if both sides could agree on a compromise ballot language, and no such compromise has been reached; NOW THEREFORE;


Section 1. That in exchange for Clay Chastain and the COP withdrawing its legal action against the City (and thus taking Judge Sandra Midkiff's order out of play), the Council agrees to pass its own new ordinance adopting the light rail -based transit plan (as outlined in the light rail initiative) as their own. Chastain agrees that the City would have complete control and authority over the plan, if approved by voters, including making any changes to the plan, scaling back of the plan, or even repealing the plan, if necessary, And, Chastain further agrees to promise not to interfere now, or in the future, with the City's implementation of the plan.

Section 2. In the alternative: If the Council rejects the offer from Clay Chastain and the COP (as outlined in Section 1), then the City would agree to pass a separate resolution stating that if the voters approve the two tax initiative questions, that the City will use the funds to build (as much as is possible) the light rail-based transit system outlined in the light rail initiative signed in support of by 4,000 voters of Kansas City.

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

The Sanders-Chastain team offers a truce? What's next a McGurk-Kneuvean dance off?

Anonymous said...

Go home

Anonymous said...

WHEREAS, God knows what Clay Chastain is up to or what his motivation is other than trying to pick up.chicks through petition drives; and

WHEREAS, he is the laughing stock of City Council and his only friend is a eleventh-rate mentally ill blogger who is being paid peanuts to push Patsy Tuohey's clueless agenda; NOW THEREFORE;


That Clay shall fuck off in perpetuity and drag Slanderella with him.



Anonymous said...

Easy with the Kool Aid 7:57

Anonymous said...

Clay is probably right but man I am gettin an overload of light rail and chastain.

Anonymous said...

I'm so fucking sick of all this Clay Chastain/light-rail bullshit. End this. The city cannot afford Chastain's plan. Point, blank period. And, as quiet as it's kept, the city can't afford the streetcar expansion they want to do.

I really wish Chastain would go back to VA or wherever the hell he lives and leave us the fuck alone. Too many years he's been at this. He's not wanted here. Yeah, he has a relative few supporters but his crap doesn't sell here. GTFOOH.

Perhaps the best way to get rid of this cockroach is to put his initiative on the ballot in acceptable language and run a concerted organized counter to it, pointing out all of the many flaws, and defeat it at the polls. Maybe then he'll get the hint and go away. But, then again, knowing Clay, he won't.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some sort of public initiative equivalent of a "malicious prosecution" action? Must the courts support Chastsin's ongoing diatribe?