Monday, August 04, 2014

Clay Chastain Kansas City Election Reax

Kansas City Transit Activist Clay Chastain has an election message for Mayor Sly and City Council along with a call to action for local voters. Check it:

Here's the presser that accompanies this clip . . .

City Hall must stop playing dirty tricks on Kansas City voters using manipulative ballot language that is confusing, dishonest, and is harmful to the public trust.

* City Hall continues to conduct itself like the arrogant, superior-acting Humpty Dumpty character who said, "Words (er I mean initiative ballot language) mean exactly what I want them to mean...nothing more nothing less."

* The City is preparing to place on the ballot in November a light rail-based transit initiative (mandated by 4,000 Kansas City voters) that deliberately makes no mention of light rail even though a judge has even asked the City to reconsider that farcical (albeit legal) ballot language.

Meanwhile, the City is placing before voters tomorrow their own ballot language for their streetcar plan that falsely and deliberately includes mention of light rail even though the City has no intention of building light rail!

So if the City decides to follow through on this scam not to identify the use for the light rail initiative taxes, then the voters deserve to know what specific project the City intends to use the taxes for!

Kansas City's government needs to stop following the self-serving dishonest leadership of Mayor Sly James and place before the voters in November fair light rail ballot language before they all fall off the proverbial wall.

Kansas City Community Activist, Kansas City registered voter, and part-time Kansas City resident...Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Clay is right on the money. Why Kansas City politics looks like the a magic illusion by David Blaine, I do not know. Most municipalities work for the good of people. Kansas City works for the good of a small group of electeds who arrogantly dominate and skew results to fit their purpose. This is exactly why people choose not to vote or participate in local government. Too many tricks and games to decipher. The result is that people ignore it altogether which is worse.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. All you have to do is listen to that You Tube video of Russ Johnson saying it did not matter what the voters have to say on the toy train. That it did matter whether they vote no because he was going to go around them. So I see what Chastain is saying about City Hall.

Clay's Illegitimate Son said...

I didn't vote for the streetcar proposal yesterday because it didn't include gondolas.