Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Check The Kansas City Midterm Primary List

Perspective on the Midterm Primary night in other races from other news outlets . . .

- New York Times: Senator Pat Roberts Beats Tea Party Challenger in Kansas

- Show-Me Conflicted Electorate: Missouri voters back constitutional “right to farm”, oppose new tax for roads

- JimmyCSays Offers Another Take: Missouri voters rise to the occasion and send Amendment 7 plunging over the cliff

- No Healing Out In The Stix: Sugar Creek votes 'no' on bond question for new wellness center

- Kraske Backpedals And Calls Kansas City Toy Train Rejection "Embarrassing" To Mayor Sly & Co.: Quick takes on Brownback, Eilert, Roberts & Pompeo on a wild primary night

- Kansas City Kansan Eleciton Coverage: 2014 Wyandotte County election results from other races

- SmartKC Grand Conclusion: The Vote

This one is just odds and ends . . . More in a bit . . .

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Anonymous said...

So Missouri's miserable highways aren't going to get fixed. OK. Just one more reason to detour around that hillbilly hell hole.