Friday, August 29, 2014

Charges In Kansas City Infant Death

We want to explore this story more but for now the news of this Kansas City tragedy should make parents a bit restless: Kansas City man charged in connection with child's death in February
More: Man accused of falling asleep on infant resulting in child's death


Polar Bear said...

How the fuck do you "fall asleep" on a kid and kill said kid.

Only a fucking hood rat !

Anonymous said...

Deonte ?

Didn't find "Deonte" in the Urban Slang Dictionary.

Searching in Ebonic Encyclopedia now.

Anonymous said...

I did find "Niggelo"

Anonymous said...

Happened twice (smothering of a baby due to close proximity with an adult in sleeping situation)?!

Too bad he wasn't wearing a condom when he fell asleep after coitus. Moot.

Anonymous said...

Why is it ALWAYS a fucking nigger?!