Saturday, August 02, 2014

Celebrate The Kansas City Troost Project

Perspective on recent KCUR East Side Coverage . . . Troost Project Is A Walk Down Memory Lane - "Kansas City’s black community continues to be largely economically depressed. Access to capital, transportation issues, pre-conceived notions, and yes, let’s face it — race are all contributing factors.

Despite all of its challenges, there are many positive aspects associated with living on Kansas City’s east side. There are also other untapped perspectives. Community listening sessions and your insights have helped us discover new issues, voices, issues and new aspirations."


Anonymous said...

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chuck said...

What a load of fucking shit. Trillions and trillions of dollars, set asides, legislation, quotas, Affirmative Action, "Protected Clas" status, teh fucking list is endless and still the guilt trip bullshit just keeps coming.

The plain, indisputable fact, is that blacks have NOT taken advantage of America's incessant attempts to "Even The Playing Field" over the last 50 years and have instead focused on refining "Victimhood" skills in order to aquire more and more government bennies while fuckin up every single city in the US where they are a moajority.

Shut the fuck up. said...

Here in Chicago, Section 8 includes the right to live in $3,000.00 a month apartments with a Lake View.

Anonymous said...

Negroidian Doubletalk