Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blaze Turns Big Kansas City Family Into Hobos

Fox4 reports that tragic aftermath of an early morning Kansas City inferno. . . "A family of nine is safe after a fire tore through their home near 69th & South Benton in Kansas City, Mo. Four adults and five children escaped the early morning house fire that started shortly after two o’clock Tuesday morning."


Anonymous said...

So the firefighters show up to try to save the worthless black folks home and what do they get for their effort? Yelled at and threatened. If you are black and reading this, please explain this. I'm serious. I want to know what this is about. Explain your people's actions. Do you ever feel any level of embarrassment for the things your brethren do? I wish the firefighters would have turned their hoses on them, rolled them up, then let the goddamn house burn to the ground. Fucking animals.

Anonymous said...

So out of the 4 "adults" is that 1 breeder and 3 daddies or 3 breeders and 1 daddy?