Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adios To Kansas City Northeast Church

Kansas City Northeast Church Comes Tumbling Down:Crews begin demolition of Rios de Agua Viva Church


Anonymous said...

Don't worry guys! With Brian stadler and sherry "eastsider4lyfe" Dejanes magical mystery bus plan this prominent corner real estate is sure to get redeveloped soon! No way it becomes a weedy lot or a
Mostly vacant surface parking lot for the next 25 years!

Thanks sMARTcK for saving us from the horror of investment and redevelopment!

Way to save our vacant weedy lots!

Anonymous said...

C'mon now....really?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't really a church. It was a neat old building, owned by some Mexican church in California that never maintained it. Now they've moved on to KCK, kind of like locusts.

theEditor said...

That's pretty tragic. Kansas City is filled with nimrods who don't the first thing about historic preservation. Kansas City stays losing.

Anonymous said...

that always looked like a deathtrap