Thursday, July 03, 2014


Right now we're watching a promo clip for an upcoming movie that probably won't be highlighted in the mostly Kansas City hipster media.

Check it:

"Welcome 2 Killa City" the movie (trailer) w/ PHILLY FREEWAY and E NESS introducing MON EG

From Urban

"Here is the brand new trailer for the gritty urban action film “Welcolme 2 Killa City” starring Philadelphia’s own rap icons Freeway and E. Ness who both give gripping performances. Also introducing Mon E.G., Kansas City’s rap legend who wrote and Executive Produced the film. Directed by Miami video director extraordinaire Antwan Smith {Rick Ross, Camron, Ace Hood, Vado, etc.}

"The storyline is about three best friends in KC’s 60′s neighborhood {Freeway, E. Ness, Mon E.G.} who devise a plan to rob a Cartel associate. When the plan goes wrong all hell breaks loose."

From what we've seen this urban core crime flick could be pretty good and we hop to learn more.

Just to make this post a bit more informational . . . Here's this week's KCMO Weekly Report from City Hall that offers a more sanitized few of this town:

More in a bit . . .


chuck said...

That Killa City clip is fuckin brutal. But, it does hit all the bases. A chick gets slammed against the wall. Guns are going off. The glorification of a lifestyle that every day, destroys African American lives and cities all over America and the usual ghetto slang which categorically denotes violence and stupidity.

I have no reason to doubt that the Academy will give it an award and millions will identify with and try to replicate it in their lives every day.

What fuckin dreck.

Anonymous said...

No shit, this glorification of the animal lifestyle that niggers so adamantly follow, is a travesty! Why do these creatures think(?) that they have to act this way? What inner demon, drives their activities?? No, niggers are just plain useless and should be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a chance for the whole world to experience our unique urban culture ... without having to actually come her and risk getting shot or beaten to death.

World class!

Anonymous said...

I am experiencing some real diversity right now

Anonymous said...

Once again Polar Bear is cutting edge.

Killa City has been his mantra for some time. Now the hoods are running with it.

Anonymous said...

Sly and caleb would tell you that this is all just a part of living in the excitement and innovation of an urban environment in 2014 America.
Although I didn't see too many artists, Makers' Faire types, entrepreneurs, barristas, or hipsters in the video.
Maybe they were all busy filling out police reports from having their cars broken into the night before.

Anonymous said...

horrible story line, horrible actors, horrible soundtrack.... good luck with this piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Just another line in America's obituary. What a disgrace that TNB is made into a film.

Anonymous said...

And guess the location its filmed on...? Swope Parkway and the 5000 Blocks near there. Precious Doe ring a bell. If the City had to make a case for crime anywhere in Kansas City, exactly where they've filmed this would be it. So far no mega police fortress there even after Precious Doe and the little girl who was killed over there with her mother about a year and a half ago. We're probably seeing their killers in this clip.