Tuesday, July 01, 2014

We Celebrate Hotties Danielle Sharp and Nicole Neal For Kansas City Tuesday!!!

Danielle Sharp and Nicole Neal in black lingerie bring us to these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Despair In The Kansas City Money Losing P&L District: World Cup 2014 live: Belgium defeats U.S., 2-1

- Local Rip-Off Lady: Kansas City woman indicted in $3 million fraud scheme

- Kansas City Makes Junk: KC-made Malibu doesn't escape latest GM recall

- Show-Me Horrible Teeth: Dental coverage not restored in Missouri

- Violent Death In The Changing Suburbs: Grandview police investigate deadly shooting

- Democracy Update: Missouri judge rejects challenges to ballot items

- No Border War Truce From The Sunclower State: Kansas standing firm on business incentive policy

- Tweet Crackdown: Kansas patrol to boost texting ban enforcement

- Local Impact Of Supreme Decision: Hobby Lobby ruling prompts closer look at closely held KC corporations

- Man barricaded inside Jackson County home: Police standoff underway at 27th, Blue Ridge . . .

- It's Worth Repeating For Tuesday . . . This Is A TRUCE WITH NOBODY: Nixon signs border war truce bill, but Kansas not on board

- Krazy Kris Contends: Kobach says foe's views don't fit with Kansas GOP

- After Court Outburst TKC TIPSTERS Reported First: Jackson County murder trial goes forward without defendant

- Forever Tax And Eternity: Kansas City Zoo saddened by loss of penguin chick

- Cowtown Tech Talk: Kansas City's TEDxKC Challenges You To Participate

- Doggie Reporting: In roundabout way, ‘Humans of New York’ features this handsome, homeless Kansas City dog

- Singing About Cooler Weather: Tate Stevens delivers Kansas City’s weather forecast

- Hobo Crackdown Reax Persist: Neighborhoods In Kansas City's Historic Northeast Move Beyond City Ordinance

- Medical Industrial Complex Expansion: Truman Med plans to build up presence in Downtown

- Celebrate Fireworks Or Something: City offices, courts to close in observance of July 4th . . . Your Guide To Fourth Of July Festivities In Kansas City

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Anonymous said...

Fuck that penguin !

Breaking News from the Zoo:

650 peaceful zoo fans enjoyed watching the polar bears and those stupid ass penguins. All quiet.

The only problem today was the monkey pen. Those assholes were acting up, throwing their shit everywhere. Not the Plaza monkeys, no these were our own zoo monkeys.

We didn't see "Hoodisrattis" today. No Negros...just folks enjoying a nice day at the zoo.

Moral of this story...keep the negros under control and everyone enjoys the day !

Anonymous said...

The Polar Bear is sexy and defines what all KC Men should be!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes he is.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90's we had a chance to make our community much better, we could have brought the Berlin wall over here and ran it down State Line Avenue and across County Line Road and made the whole metro happy. Johnson County just needs to declare themseles a seperate country like Texas.

Anonymous said...

What bullshit. White flight and corporations are the part that has destroyed kC. the polar bear is a myth.

Anonymous said...

What caused the Whites to flee in your humble opinion ?