Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Local mainstream media is playing nice with Prez Obama over a Kansas City publicity stunt dinner . . .

Here's the closest thing to critical coverage:

CS Monitor: "Obama has been using their stories to criticize congressional Republicans in this midterm election campaign for failing to act on his legislative agenda."

Sadly, locals have been pretending that it's a social call and not business.

Similarly, our City Hall honcho is using this occasion to continue his PR agenda ...

Mayor Sly seyz: "Can we all agree that presidents don’t visit a community that often unless that community is a hub for some cool, one might even say frosty, things?"

Not really.

And so, here's something more important than Kansas City Prez Obama Happy Talk . . .


Or . . .


TKC Advice: Keep it legal because I'm certain the Super Secret Scary Agency is spying on this cowtown via red light camera and other scary methods . . . Which is why I'm wearing a double-layered tin-foil hat for the remainder of the week.

Still . . . I'm certain there are good questions or comments directed to the Prez that WON'T BE COVERED in the contrived MSM conversation.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

International ban against drones?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Prez. Remember when you were running for office and you promised to punish companues who sent jobs overseas and reward companies who hired in the U. S. A. ? Niw I know you are now ass hole buddies with John Donahue, the folks at G.E. and that old fart that is invested in Nebraska Furniture Mart, but why have you not brought one fucking job back to America? Why have you punished no one for hiring overseas? Why have you done nothing?

Remember when you promised to get to work on America's highways and bridged and improve and widen those interstate roads from coast to coast? What happened to that deal Mr. Prez? Did your own party forget about you and your agenda?

So what else haven't the Republicans done that were YOUR campaign promises?

Anonymous said...

How about "Just leave please"????

Anonymous said...

Why do you still smoke on federal property? You make the rules but you don't play by them.

I hate smoking, but you are supposed to be this health care president. You smoke, and you are a hypocrite.

Also, why is your wife so unhapppy? She clearly is unhappy and goes away on trips a whole gob. I am pretty sure she hates you. Actually, I am 100% sure of that. Do you cheat? If you do cheat why?

Would you like to play basketball with me? I am pretty sure I would outrun you because you smoke. I know I am better at golf than you.

Well, you did that president thing, now what? What are you going to do after you are president?

Why have you let your house in chicago go? What is your opinion on the public housing situation in chicago?

I am taking it light here. I would throw the short little freckled dude soft balls. I would never ask him hard questions. I would also give him some ambi cream because the boy needs lightening or lazer treatments or something.

When are you going to be on Jimmy Kimmel? Why are you fundraising with the global situation because that is why you canceled Kimmel?Kansas City but no Kimmel...what???

Anonymous said...

Please pass the government cheese.

Raise you hand if you voted for Obama said...

You have drone-killed more children than Adam Lanza could even have dreamed of.

When will the Federal Government ban YOU?

Everyone with a brain said...

Having joined Stalin and Hitler as one of the modern ages most despicable liars and oppressors of freedom, what's next - WWIII?

Papa John Poonswoth, raising pizza prices because of Obamacare said...

I'd tell him that the owes my customers an apology. I had to raise pizza prices what with Obamacare and all. Couldn't even turn a profit once that thing hit.

Jim Anchower said...

I'd lean in and ask him "you wanna hit that" after showing him a freshly rolled joint. Then we'd share each other a little wink-wink grin.

Polar Bear said...


Hmmmmmm, the Bear has several ideas

Raise your hand if you voted for Obama eight times or more in the last two elections said...

I have two questions:

1) How much taxpayer money is spent per year on the parchment U.S. Constitution replica toilet paper you and your evil minions use daily?

2) How does George Soros' ass taste?

Anonymous said...

I bet they don't have anything to do with his position on 'unsolicited bulk email' either.

Dear Mr. Soetoro said...

What's it like to have totally corrupted the entirety of the U.S. Gov't and whored our nation beyond all hope of recovery?

Anonymous said...

Having put criminals in charge of every Federal agency hasn't reduced the prison population one bit.

What's next?

Anonymous said...

"If you like your Constitution, you can keep your Constitution" has been proposed as a campaign slogan for your third term/President-for-life election campaign. Has the artwork been decided on yet?

Anonymous said...

Sawyer, the imported, bearded, cat whisker-limbed, out-of-place, temporary Kansas Citian has resorted to his old huffing and puffing strategy from when he was a spoiled little boy back in Cul-de-Sacia, USA. He threw a fit over not being able to board a bus in between it’s scheduled stops; so he stood in front, blocking it, with the mentality of “If I can’t take this bus – nobody can!”. Just like when Mommy said “Sawyer, Zach’s Chuck E Cheese birthday party is over, we have to go home now” or when Mommy gave cousin Candace who was visiting for the holidays once, the last Rice Krispy treat. These kind of situations put the average self-important, smug hipsters into nasal rage. What was COOL and FROSTY was seeing Sawyer being denied and walking away with his murse and dragging his next ART ART ART ART ART ART ART ART ART ART ART project behind him. Pack it up Sawyer, this city isn't for you, bitch.

The Guy Who Stained Monica's Blue Dress said...

Mr. Fake President,

Is it true that Hitlery Clinton has a bigger dick than you or your wife?

Is it also true that she had all the entrails of those murdered in Benghazi under her watch shipped to D.C. for all of you to dine on?

And finally, why is it that no-one who was actually there (from your supposed time) at Columbia University has the slightest recollection of you being there, let alone as a colleague, friend, classmate, or graduate school program associate? Hmmmm?
Why are your eyes turning red?
Are those horns growing out of your forehead?

Anonymous said...

Comments on Fox 4 Facebook pretty much say it all.

Wait a second...I've got it! We'll get our own black guy!! said...

More importantly, what big plans does the Official Party of the Antichrist GOP have for 2016?

Gonna make a presidential candidate of the negro doctor?

Bwahahahaha!!! It'd be completely fucking sad if it wasn't so gosh darned predictable!!

Anonymous said...

President don't know nuttin.

And move the Ukrainian separatists back across the boarder to Florida.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear about this for the next couple of days

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Idea Free Vacuum--otherwise known at the response section of TKC.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a statist fuck who thinks all solutions to all problems are more Federal Government. A Marxist in the Black House and a Facist Attorney General. IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!

Based on these quick calculations, American's median net worth has been reduced by 60% to 70% from what might have been expected. How is this possible?

There are several reasons. I would argue that most of the blame goes to government:
•Government is taking a much bigger share of the economy.
•Government understates inflation which results in an overstatement of real GDP.
•Taxes are higher, especially on capital gains which are unadjusted for inflation and taxed as if they were true gains.
•Government interventions have destroyed the economy's ability to grow.
•Government transfer payments have reduced the workforce, spreading a reduced output over more people.
•Government's encouragement of the use of debt has created behavior not in the best interests of unsophisticated citizens.

There are other reasons, some that are not related to government although I suspect they have minimal effect. Regardless, the fact is that the U.S. is becoming poorer by the day. For much of this period, people maintained their spending levels by borrowing or consuming capital. The good times of the last twenty years were nowhere near as good as we pretended they were. Now we must pay the piper and hope that government can be reduced back to an affordable level of spending and regulation.

Harry Stone said...

Hey Mr. President, ask the Attorney General, if the guys who shot me dead in a race hate crime are ever caught, will they be charged with a Hate Crime?

I know they would look like your sons and, you know what, you don't have to answer because we all know the asswer, even me, from the grave, it is NO.

Why? Because even though 95% of racial hate crimes are black on white, Eric "MY People" Holder only prosecutes white on black hate crimes, the very few that exist.

You have fucked up the economy with idiotic attempts at taking over the Health Care business, birthed the "Arab Spring" used governmetn agencies like the IRS and EPA to illegally prosecute and harrass folks who don't think like you and you Facist apparatchiks and phoned it in for the last 18 months.

I don't have to ask you anything, because every single answer you have had so far, is dead fuckin wrong.

Anonymous said...

I would ask him if he intends to let the MEXICANS & MUSLIMS take over our country.

billy bob USA not Mohamed Obama said...

we can start with...FUCK YOU NIGGER!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's been too polite... last term, he wouldn't even criticize Republicans by party name! The problem isn't Congress. Its REPUBLICAN STRATEGY.


Say flat out... if you dont' make a million dollars a year, vote your pocketbook. Vote Democrat!


"Fascism" is the union of Government and Corporatists. That's what Republicans are. Not conservatives. "Fascists".


Republicans value PROPERTY. Democrats value PEOPLE. It's pretty much that simple.


Republicans don't win elections... there are too few of them. DEMOCRATS LOSE elections...when they don't VOTE!


Republicans are owned by Corporations and the Rich. Democrats are EVERYBODY ELSE! Are YOU Rich?


The Republican God is MONEY, not Jesus. They only want "Christians" for their votes! Jesus was a socialist and a pacifist. Definately NOT a Republican!

Anonymous said...

Like S'Lie, the guy was practically pulled off the street and shoved into office.

What you expect when amateurs are in charge?

Anonymous said...

And I guess that just about tells the story, I am outta here...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Barak, it sure was nice to have the cooks at the public school cater in the dinner. But please tell the fist bumper her menu sucks. How about let's head for Mickey D's for some real food.

cml said...


Yeah, your "boy" has really done a great job. As long as he keeps letting millions of future Democrats and terrorists through the border who either vote for a living or blow us yo pieces, u don't care, cause your EBT card keeps delivering the gubment cheese.

Too bad we can't get another 10,000 Islamic Fundamentalists living downtown to vote 10 times for more of ur "boys".

Anonymous said...

4:24 god damn dude.....fuck.....you are way too smart to be on this blog. We just talk race, fucking, and tits.

da' man said...

4:24 actually doesn't know anything from shinola and the fact is, the things he shows he believes in aren't remotely so or true.

Sincerity doesn't mean what you think, say or write are facts. Everything he wrote is backwards.

But so it goes. What else do you expect from the commenters here?

But 4:36 pleasantly surprised me. They're not all brain dead here.

Anonymous said...

Saw a story from channel 41 about this. They kept showing images of Jadiann Thompson legs!

Damn those things are nice. Wouldn't mind those things wrapped around me in bed.

But of course I have to fuck her in the ass. Then cum all over her face first.

Anonymous said...

2:56 WINNER!

Anonymous said...

I'd say, "Boy will you please bring my car around?"

Harmon Killerbrew said...

Sounds like a few Ted Nugent load-swallowers are chiming in here.
Shouldn't you be getting down to the Midland right about now?

Anonymous said...

I love you people. This is the funniest load of drivel I've read in a very long time. It's like they took every raving and hallucinating idiot in the greater Kansas City area and got them all to post on Tony's blog at the same time.

You guys taught me what's REALLY wrong with liberals. They're boring as shit, compared to you guys.

Go, peanuts, go!

Anonymous said...

6:51 comes to TKC 'cause it's the only place in town he can come in and try to look superior. That is similar to why Barrack is hanging out at that little shack called the Uptown.

Anonymous said...

I wish my grandfather could take back 3 years of service spent in Southeast Asia in WW2 protecting the rights than most here have no appreciation.

It's not just rights, it's responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

We didn't vote for the great divider.

Anonymous said...

@424 you are simply incorrect, though at least you appear to follow a thread of logic.

For about the last 120 years, the government in US has sustained the ability to grow with a collective public tax burden of about 31%. When it goes above or below that level, odd (and frequently bad) things happen.

the government, D or R reflects a culture of people not wanting to pay for crap. Whether it is social programs for the D's or defense spending for the R's, no one is willing to pay.

That is the fundamental issue.

ULI came out with a remarkable, non-partisan report on private debt. Check it; 35% of this people who have credit in this country are in some type of collection (debt over 6 months) and another 5% are in debt beyond 30 days. That is stark, and it tells why this Country keeps electing people who tell them what they want to here.

But what is really amazing, it that the credit delinquents are largest in number in the Southern Red States. these are the low tax, 2nd Amendment, Tea Partiers that have all the answers.

As this Country starts to fall behind China and Indian and Brazil in the next world economic hierarchy, it will be full of dumb shits who make this out as a D v. R matter.

The culture of an objective and educated electorate has given way to finger pointing and disparaging anyone that does not agree with you. If you have any doubts, ask the deep thinkers on this blog if they can even find Ukraine on a map, or say what GDP is.

And for those who have stayed this far, this is why Tony's TKC gets hits.

Anonymous said...

And so what have the 20 million or so uneducated illegals that have flooded this country done for it?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a plan for handling Ebola when it comes into the United States?

Mo Rage, Byron, Glazer, and Radio Douche said...

May we suckle at the presidential orifice?

Anonymous said...

Granted the mess is complicated, but a few things are true, the federal government is much larger than it ever has been and spends trillions more than it takes in. It is in EVERY facet of your life, from snooping into your email to funding every conceivable project, so everyone is beholding to it on some level. It is a giant that has you by the balls and if you complain, well it just squeezes harder.

Anonymous said...

I would say to him: Get some better taste in BBQ.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder is it a reflection on what we want as a collective?

Nobody wants to harm the old, or the vets, and if a epidemic would occur, everyone would want the CDC fully funded. Any of the right wingers want to pay for that crap we are still building that the DoD does not want, but every elected insists on producing for the local economy?

This Country's hope rests in the Independents who don't fall into the party line crap. David Gergen would be a great President, but because he tells things how they are, rather than what people want to hear, he would not stand a chance.

This Country owed his economic prominence due in large part, the sacrifices made from 1935-1955. That has ran out. We live in a world where everyone wants a friggin' soy double shot coffee (and they are always in front of me in line) latte, and then they charge it.

We need to start studying German economy very closely, because if we don't shift to a saving economy, rather than a consumption based economy, we will be titsville.

By the way, the vaules of those who shouldered the sacrifice of the 20th Century economy would never disparage any president because it disrespects the office.

You shits that believe that informed insight came with your coming of age, get old. Tony using that arrogance in light of the last bastion of free speech is beyond laughable.

Anonymous said...

Wasted here 1029

Anonymous said...


Mr. Obama (assumed name), could you please truthfully answer (I know it's hard) the following multiple-part question?

Are you the son of a bitch? According to your official history, your unwed mother became pregnant at age 17, while attending the University of Hawaii, taking a Russian language class among others.

If we tested your DNA against samples from that of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (a polygamist and alcoholic), they would not match, correct?

In "Dreams From My Father" why did you reference Frank Marshall Davis twenty-two times, but in the later audiobook version delete all reference to him?

Frank Marshall Davis was born in Kansas, was professionally a writer/organizer, and had strong ties to Chicago, then later Hawaii. Why have you retraced much of his path with your own life?

From high school on into adulthood, what drugs beyond marijuana, cocaine/crack, and heroin have you ingested?

At what age did you realize that you were homosexual? Have you ever tested positive for HIV/AIDS?

When enrolled at Occidental College, Columbia University, or Harvard Law School, did you ever receive scholarship/grant funds as a foreign student?

Did you first meet Zbigniew Brzezinski while he was teaching at Columbia University? Was it during that time that you began the indoctrination program into the intelligence community?

While living in NYC, why did you room with a gay drug-abuser, and frequent the gay neighborhoods?

Following college graduation, your first employment was purportedly with Business International Corporation (known ties to CIA). During this time, were you actually receiving intelligence training, linguistics, oration, etc. ?

Order some dessert, we're just getting warmed up!!

Anonymous said...

@1119, Did you happen to see Bigfoot at Area 51?


chuck said...


If you believe that the Fed isn't out of control after the last 6 years, then you are just another Hale Bop lemming looking for some new purple shoes to wear on your next trip.

Anonymous said...

To summarize: Obama actually is a Muslim space alien CIA plant. Absolute proof of that is the fact that his mother once studied Russian in Hawaii, which really isn't part of the United States. It's also possible she was doing the wild thing before she got married.

Hope you can get another layer or two of tin foil for your helmet.

Anonymous said...

12:30 and 8:47 (same person)

I note that you offered no rebuttal to the questions posed. Classic tactic by those who wish to deny the truth, don't address the issue, just start the attack on the questioner.

All subject matter questioned is
based upon facts available to those who look beyond the false narrative promoted about this person.

You are a sleepwalking vacuum, devoid of brain cells.

Anonymous said...

I can't help it. The liberals put fluoride in my water when I was little.