Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Check the latest challenge to the tactics of Kansas City politicos . . .


Check it:

Ethics Complaint against Mayor James and selected City Councilpersons Refiled

On Monday July 7, 2014 Citizens for Responsible Government (CFRG) refiled their ethics complaint against Mayor Sly James, City Council Members: Sharp, Circo, Brooks, Davis, Wagner, Johnson, Reed, Curls, Marcason, Glover and Taylor. Councilman Ed Ford was not cited as he voted against the substitute resolution. The original complaint filed June 20, 2014 had to be refiled by a “natural person” according to the Missouri Ethics Commission. The original complaint was filed by CFRG’s PAC, not a natural person. The new complaint maintains Mayor and selected Councilpersons conspired with Burns and McDonnell to use $685,000 of taxpayer funds for electioneering. The new complaint contains exhibits and articles to enforce CFRG’s position.

Read the REFILED ETHICS COMPLAINT first on TKC. Natch.


Anonymous said...

Boondoggle KCMO.

Our local leaders are misleading the public and doing dangerous money deals behind the scenes. It's time somebody called them out on it.

Anonymous said...

Verdict: GUILTY


Anonymous said...

Guilty but the MEC will exonerate them and probably go after those who filed the complaint. When the fox is guarding the hen house you are wasting your time complaining.

Anonymous said...

Funk wins.

Anonymous said...

Vote NO on all city issues on August 5th.

P Bear said...

You "rachet rubes" best get with the program. The Toy Train is the only thing that can save Killa City.

Toy Train will stop all black crime, eliminate black grifting, improve sales at the Aldi on Troost, stop jr hoodisrattis from looting the Plaza, and provide needed black Sec 8 housing as many will utilize the Toy Train as a "mobile home".

Notice how the Bear incorporates "hipster slang" into his rant?

Beware of a "hip" Polar Bear.

HC said...

Oh my, noe we got them on the run!

We are delusional. We hate mass transit, blacks, democrats, and anyone that will come and take our guns.

We make no change in public policy, so we come to this dumb ass blog and drive this conversation with F-Bombs and bigoted comments.

To anyone outside our small "fish bowl", we are insignificant.

To responsible people with a life, we are amusing to watch. It's also fun to "poke" us with a contrasting point of view, and watch our lack of respect for the 1st Amendment.

We hate the hard charger, whatever that means......

Anonymous said...

A few Freudian slips there, MB?

Anonymous said...

I was talking with John JH OBrien from the AIEBC about this very issue coming out of City Hall and then I saw your article...

“Complaint maintains Mayor and selected Councilpersons conspired with Burns and McDonnell to use $685,000 of taxpayer funds for electioneering. The new complaint contains exhibits and articles to enforce CFRG’s position.”

He had mentioned that one year into his term, President Barack Obama used the occasion of his State of the Union address to issue a warning. The Supreme Court had just opened the "floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections." He was speaking about the ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, in which the Court struck down nearly a century of law, granting corporations vast new leeway to influence the outcome of elections.

This is a very serious election and it's being taken seriously by Big Business as well, so much so that Burns & McDonnell, Parsons & Associates, Black & Veach and TranSystem has partnered with Council person Cindy Circo, who is also a part time employee of KCP&L and her PAC to better promote candidates running for office in 2015, by way of a “Council Candidate Preparation” class.

John was uncomfortable about speaking out on these people because along with KCP&L they had all but put his organization out of business, but he did say “I personally don't know if by definition of "regulatory capture" this sort of election preparation falls into that category but I have to say it seems to me to be awful close (Regulatory capture which is a form of political corruption that occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or special concerns of interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating. Regulatory capture is a form of government failure; it creates an opening for firms to behave in ways injurious to the public (e.g., producing negative externalities). The agencies are called "captured agencies".
John also shared this link with me http://www.opensecrets.org/races/

Anonymous said...

This one could be interesting, but only YEARS after the election. The ethics commission will drag their feet, and issue some sort of weak rebuke long after Sly and gang are gone and way too late to prevent the electioneering from occurring.

Anonymous said...

They MEC won't even do that. They will issue an opinion that hiring people to go door to door is not electioneering and not subject to campaign finance laws. Probably already working on the opinion before the complaint was even filed.

Anonymous said...

The Polar Bear is the SEXIEST commentator in Kansas City!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1125, really? The cum rape guy wants to rear end him and ejaculate on his fur.

spyke1 said...

Good point. The cum rape guy ejaculating on the "hip" Polar Bear's fur would serve 3 needs.
1) it would relieve some tension for the cum rape guy.
2) it may also help lubricate the "hip" Polar Bear's fur.
3) it will help the "hip" Polar Bear appear to be a white bear as we all already know a polar bears fur is actually brown, but each strand of fur is hallow to aid in insulating the animal by retaining body heat. Fortunately for the "hip" Polar Bear, the hollow strands of fur also make the animals brown fur appear to be white.
Sorry P Bear, but I heard the fun fur fact while watching an educational animal program with my 4 year old child and it really tickled me.

Anonymous said...

Finally, humor on this board might have a chance against the hate.

Just a hope.

Northlander said...

The Mayor can't get any lower than he has gone now.

Northlander said...

Vote NO on all state and city item's,then they will come back and try to do it right. Any time they lose it always comes back to vote it over.

Anonymous said...

So, if the majority votes "yes", the whining will stop?

Already know the answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

10:21 is Right!

Because the Ethics Commission actually knows the laws, unlike the crackerjack lawyers the anti team has lined up, the same ones that told you about the "unjust undue burden" and the "gerrymandering" and the ones that sued because businesses didn't get to vote like people?

Hahah. No wonder you guys are in desperation mode.

See you on the 6th, losers.

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