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This morning we have an IMPORTANT AND DEFINITIVE examination of Kansas City crime trends according to a renowned local expert.

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On one point, most of us agree . . .


As usual, our blog community was the first to note the implications of Kansas City cultural and political life.

Now, agree or disagree, check this EPIC AND IMPORTANT ANALYSIS by Dr. Evans and realize note the well-researched deets and insight that won't be mentioned in mainstream media . . .


By Dr. Ernest Evans

Starting in the spring of 2008, there has been a major surge of violence in the black neighborhoods of KCMO. In calendar year 2007 there were 94 homicides in KCMO—62 black and 32 other races. In 2008 there were 126 homicides in KCMO—95 black and 31 other races. In all of the calendar years after 2008 there were significantly more black homicides in KCMO than there were in 2007—while homicide totals for other races were lower than they were in 2007. And, most damning of all, this occurred at a time when around the nation most cities were seeing drops in their homicide totals in the years after 2007. At the end of calendar year 2013, KCMO had the dubious distinction of being the American city with the fifth highest per capita rate of homicides.

While 2014 is only a little more than half over, there are some hopeful signs that our city is turning the crime situation around. Specifically, right now we stand at 35 homicides for 2014—compared to 53 at this point in 2013. Homicide totals have fallen across racial lines: Today we stand at 25 black homicides for 2014 and 10 homicides for other races, at this point in 2013 we were at 39 black homicides and 14 for other races. Einstein said it best when he said: “Prognostication is difficult, especially about the future” so we cannot be certain what the remainder of the year will bring, but right now we are on track to have the lowest homicide total for KCMO since the late 1960’s.

In explaining this fall in the homicide total I would point to two factors.

First, there is the effective leadership of the city’s Police Chief, Darryl Forte. In modern America any big city police chief has to “square” a most difficult circle: He has, on the one hand, to convince skeptical minority communities that the police will treat them in a respectful way; and secondly, he has to convince the men and women under his/her command that while he will not allow unfair charges of racism to be made against his/her officers. This later factor is what I feel led to the explosion of violence in the black neighborhoods of KCMO in the spring of 2008. In 2007-2008 the Sofia Salva case was regularly in the news—she was the black woman who was stopped by two KCPD officers for a traffic violation and taken to jail, Mr. Salva was pregnant and had a miscarriage, the two officers were dismissed. Now, you can debate both ways on whether the officers should have been dismissed, but what was unfortunate about this tragedy was that most of the local reporters, terrified of being accused of racism, did not cover the case with even a fig leaf of fairness. The city Police Board, likewise terrified of accusations of racism, did not adjudicate the case with even a pretense of fairness. Now, in human terms I understand why the city’s journalists and politicians acted as they did: In modern US politics, no charge is more damaging to one’s career than the charge of racism. However, the men and women of the KCPD, realizing that if accused of racism they were not going to be treated fairly, out of sheer self-survival abandoned the black neighborhoods of the city to the gangs and the criminal elements.

Chief Forte has worked hard to build trust with the minority communities in KCMO. He regularly goes to community meetings and is quick to show up at homicide sites to talk to people in the area. But, and this is equally critical, he also defends his officers against unfair charges of racism. Personally, as I said at the time, I feel that the turning point in our city’s battle against crime came in January 2014 when Chief Forte publicly disagreed with City Councilman Jermaine Reed’s charge that the KCPD was engaging in racist profiling. The cops of the beat now knew that the Chief would support them in they were the target of unfair accusations, so they now had the necessary morale and motivation to fight crime in the black neighborhoods of the city.

The second factor that I feel has helped the crime situation is the No Violence initiative, commonly known as NOVA. This initiative brings together community organizations, the prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, etc. to “zero in” on two groups. First, individuals with a long record of violent activities are told that they are being closely monitored, and that should they re-offend they will quickly be prosecuted. Second, individuals judged to be in danger of getting into a criminal lifestyle are contacted and informed of programs that are available to them to turn their lives around.

We will not know until several more months have passed (especially the traditionally high-crime month of August) whether the city has ended the long crime nightmare that began in the spring of 2008, but there are some most hopeful early signs that this is indeed the case.


Anonymous said...

Like it or not TKC, you have to give credit where it's due. It would be nice to see the council man Reed recant his statements in the past.

Anonymous said...

While Forte' very correctly and publicly dismissed Reed's ridiculous and self-destructive comments, he was the ONLY one to do so.
Where were Sly, Sharp, who chairs the public sfety committee, Al Brooks, who chairs the police board, and the endless parade of self-appointed east side "leaders" who have nothing to offer but blame for others for the circumstances in east side neighborhoods?
At least now the cops feel that the chief has their backs, but the incident also shows a total lack of courage and leadership on the part of the folks who supposedly "govern" the city.
Should be a good lesson that standing up to bullies might just make them fold.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so many thugs have been killed and disabled that there are just not as many left to do violence. Maybe the ones growing up will see the futility. We can always hope. said...

8 to 10,000 blacks are killed by other blacks every year in America. But if there is the slightest hope of a white on black homicide, like Trayvon Martin, then the press goes into a psychotic orgiastic frenzy in conjunction with federal and state law enforcement to send ANY AND ALL WHITE BOYS TO JAIL IF THEY CAN.

What a fucking farce.

The "Narrative" of white on black violence feeds the coffers of the left, stokes the hatred of whites by blacks and gaurantees the continuation of slavery on the Democratic plantation while we all count the number of murders in the city, hoping for change.

Here is the "Hope and Change" you got, a president, the fucking idiot, who comes out during a local murder investigation, which had a time line, eye witnesses, physical evidence, pictures, etc etc etc, which categorically exhonerated a HALF white guy (The fucking press, stymied in their efforts to find a full blooded white guy, emphasized the hated half white part of Zimmerman a thousand times a day.) and says out loud, in the Rose Garden, that if he had a son, he would look like Tarvon. Then teh Attorny General, gleefully testifies in frnt of Congress, that "His People" coudn't commit "Hate Crimes" because of the color of their skin. Hte crimes can only be committed by whtes on blacks.

Tell that fucking shit to the hundreds and hundreds of white victims raped, robbed adn murdered on this list, which conects to LOCAL news sources for the actual real time terror that this low level civil war, now inflicts on whites all across the country.

In truth, why would you hope for fewer black on black homicides, when in fact, it makes the city safer?

Anonymous said...

Hope this seemingly empty Doc's bullshit somehow stops the pavement apes from killing each other but I hope he does not encourage more ni66ers to increase the already media blackout of the epidemic of violent black on white crime.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck? Let em go at it..

Anonymous said...

heres a simple thought, whites fled the inner city, there were no real services, crime of black on whites was high and little was done about it for fear of EXACTLY was is going on today.. you have a majority of blacks in KC and now that they have begun turning on each other and have drifted out onto the plaza and started attacking white there the simple answer is racism against blacks ... nothing could be further from the truth its just that is all thats left is blacks and they are saying that it wouldnt be so bad if "white flight! another form of racism towards blacks" didnt exist .. you cannot win .. you can give a thug anything but try taking it back even if they dont want it and watch what happens

Anonymous said...

News is that which is unusual. Ghetto black on black crime isn't.

Maybe if you get a little respect for each other...staring with parents, music, scholarship? A job?

Tired of the blame game and all this whining. Quit being thugs.



Anonymous said...

What is Dr. Evan's discipline and where did he get his PHD?

Dr. Ernest Evans said...

Dear 8:19: Dr. Evans did his undergraduate as a history and political science major at Brown University (Class of 1972) and did his Ph.D in political science at MIT (class of 1977). Cheers!! Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Dr. Ernest Evans

Anonymous said...

pavement apes

such enlightened conversation

Anonymous said...

I miss the sexy POLAR bear...

Obvious Man said...

After a detailed study of the situation, it is my opinion that the crime problem in KCMO is caused by an unusually high concentration of criminals within the city limits.

It could be a major "Aha!" moment said...

8:51 AM seems to be on to something...

Polly Sigh said...

You are at the University, Candy?

Yes, I am.

And what are you studying?

Poli. Sci. With a home ec minor.

Eh, Poli Sci?

Political Science. It's all about
what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ernest Evans the question then begs to be asked...why are you simply an armchair warrior on this matter with all of that political study under your belt especially MIT, I was a grad from BU and my focus was never strong enough to consider MIT so I say hats off to you but shouldnt you consider running? it is an election time after all. I would stay away from the classes Cindy is giving out at Burns & Mc though ... what a sham .. what a blatant form of regulatory capture on her part with B&M and KCP&L and the rest of those with the intention of furthering the corruption of a now broken and disengaged local government

Anonymous said...

Just to get the idea of what we're dealing with, check THIS ALONZO!

And if you don't have a FB account, your bad!

Anonymous said...

Who is this Dr. Ernest Ebonics?
I like the cut of his jib!

Anonymous said...

One thing that this blog proves: racism is alive, strong and well in Kansas City.

However, every comment about race is not driven by racism, and the Chief's comment underscored this. said...

Watch this, it is to the point.

Recall Reed said...

Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

9:52 AM Hits the splib right on the head.

Anonymous said...


"..a renowned local expert." WTF ?


Epic and important? Triple WTF ?

Now let's delve into this so-called epic, valiant, expert examination....shall we?

"In calendar year 2007 there were 94 homicides in KCMO—62 black and 32 other races. In 2008 there were 126 homicides in KCMO—95 black and 31 other races. In all of the calendar years after 2008 there were significantly more black homicides in KCMO than there were in 2007—while homicide totals for other races were lower than they were in 2007." -------OK, dear reader, immediately we see that Dr. Evans is incorrectly attempting to link the race of a homicide victim to the race of the murderer. Do they teach logic and reason at MIT? Let's give an analogy, using the same faulty logic......In the settlement of the Western U.S., circa 1800's, there was a genocide of the indigenous American Indian tribes. Would Dr. Evans have reported on the inflated Indian homicide rate with the implication that it was to be blamed on the Indians?

"Homicide totals have fallen across racial lines: Today we stand at 25 black homicides for 2014 and 10 homicides for other races, at this point in 2013 we were at 39 black homicides and 14 for other races."------- Apparently, not content in committing the previous error, Dr. Evans plows forward with further acts of intellectual obfuscation.

Suppose there was a city comprised of one million PhD's, one graduate student, and one high school dropout. The homicide totals for the last year were reported as the following: 100 PhD's, 0 graduate students, 0 high school dropouts. Would it be correct to assume that PhD's are inherently more prone to commit homicide than their fellow residents?

"..the Sofia Salva case" ------Oh my!! Dear reader, Dr. Evans has ONCE AGAIN returned to his own regurgitated vomit to lap up the rancid taste of old news.

Succinctly, Respectfully and In Good Taste, The Prophet

cml said...


Ur right, but no one but a retard is thinking anything other than the homicide rate in KC and all over the country is related to black violent criminals.

Anonymous said...

Negroes have evolved as much as possible, and they are what they are. Over 150 years, billions of dollars have been spent on every type of program, public service and rehabilitation possible trying to help them get on the right path to being productive, contributing and independent citizens, but to no avail. It's only made them more dependent and less responsible, and the violent lifestyle is just part of who they are and who they will always be.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Next time Earnest could you please keep your analysis down to two paragraphs please?

Anonymous said...

Stop feeding the skinheads tony. said...

This is much more to the point.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are you including abortion in your homicide count?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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A wonderful forum indeed for your enlightened views. You couldn't pick a better platform for your commentary.

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Anonymous said...

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