Friday, July 25, 2014

Check The Kansas City Overnight Look

Right now Jessica-Jane Clement captures our imagination and in these late-night/early morning hours . . . These Kansas City clips are also worth a peek:

Check it:

A late night Kansas City bike ride with a techno soundtrack offers a bit of insight into who is roaming our local streets after dark . . .

"Some video while riding and reviewing the Atir Cycle Glow Bike. This short section shows a nice cruising speed, a short skid on 28c tires, spinning out, and the agility of the bike. Overall, I was pretty happy with the ride."

Get a good look Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles in his prime before head coach Andy Reid "runs the tread off of him" according to some of the smarter sports fans we read.

"The Perot Museum of Nature and Science and 900lbs of Creative brings NFL's Kansas City Chief star running back, Jamaal Charles, to Perot Museum's Sports Run Exhibit! After a successful first year that saw over 300,000 Perot Museum attendees run the equivalent of Los Angeles to New York, fans of all ages will now get to race against one of the fastest running backs in the National Football League."

This very nice Kansas City biker babe makes me (mistakenly) believe that not all local cyclists are bad.

"Sara is one of our newest car-free bloggers on KC Spokes People. 

Visit for posts from her and other cyclists from around Kansas City."

Hopefully, we'll have all kinds of BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, debate, discourse, our share of hateration and lots of good stuff coming up in just a few . . . STAY TUNED!!!


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