Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Summer St. Claire & Kansas City Early Links

Summer St. Claire starts our early morning look at Kansas City mainstream media links.

Take a peek:

- Northeast News Perspective On Public Art: KCPD have artwork created for new East Patrol building

- Thin Slice Report: Pizza shop owner can keep pole sign if it towers a little lower

- Show-Me Middle-Man Dispute: Moves afoot in Missouri, Kansas City to rein in ‘patent trolls’

- Tragic Local News: Missing 5-year-old boy found dead in Cass County

- More Golden Ghetto Traffic Complaining: An $11 million traffic project in Overland Park is causing community concern, as people who live nearby think it will create more problems than it will fix.

- Lesson In Tech Fail: Kansas: Data From School Tests Will Not Be Released

- On Track For Peak Oil: Kansas City Southern, Global Partners Plan Texas Oil Rail Terminal

- Drink In This Crackdown: EPA promoting water rule to farmers in Missouri

- Check The Star Reporting Political Chatter Without Directly Quoting Sources Like A Blog: Freedom Inc. now expected to endorse Missouri highway tax, oppose streetcar

- East Side Leisure Time Talk: Final Swope Area Plan public meeting

- One More Lesson In Suburbanite Fear: Mom fears Blue Springs district's anti-bullying efforts fall short

- Kansas City Keeps Losing: Ninth inning rally falls short as Royals drop game to Rays 4-3

- Pitch Artsy Review: Can Shawnna Journagan and Rusty Sneary keep their Living Room party going?

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Journalism is dying said...

Timothy Cama, writing for "The Hill" in the linked article, "EPA promoting water rule to farmers in Missouri":

“While there are some legitimate concerns out there with the rule and many issues that we teed up ourselves in the rule to try to seek comment, we’re hearing some concerns that really are, to put frankly, they’re ludacris,” she said.


Is the EPA going to hire some shitty rapper to promote their Gestapo tactics now?

Jesus Christalmighty!
What passes for journalism and editing these days is just ludicrous.

Timmy Cama needs to go back to school and pay attention in class instead of listening to rap and destroying his brain.

That said, the EPA is on a dangerous power trip that needs to be put in check right now, just like the BLM and much of the corrupt and criminal agencies of the U.S. Gov't.

Anonymous said...

Summer St. Claire......yum yum....stiffy.

Anonymous said...

Nice one 7:18.

But I think they were talking about the rapper.


Anonymous said...

It took 24 hours to get my power back on in Raytown. Fucking ridiculous!! Do you think KCPL took 24 hours to turn the power back on in Prairie Village or Mission Hills? That's what I get for being poor.