Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sophie Reade Starts Kansas City Thursday

Sophie Reade starts our early morning look at Kansas City links right now with her latest modeling photo set serving as inspiration . . .

- More On The Kansas City Gun Rights Crackdown @ 12th & Oak: KCMO considering ordinance to ban open carry within city limits

- Rock Chalk Tremors: Earthquakes in Kansas? The Sunflower State has a case of the shakes

- Lesson In Medical Life Experience: Nearly half of Kansas City area health care workers lack bachelor’s degrees

- JoCo International Concern For A Change: Overland Park family worries about daughter studying in Israel

- Cowtown Excuses on Job munbers: Stop defending Kansas City area’s anemic growth in jobs

- Show Me Equality??? Same-sex marriage legal in Missouri in 2015?

- Obamacare Payback: Health Insurance Enrollees In Missouri, Kansas To Get More Than $18 Million In Rebates

- Great War Organizing: World War I conference in Kansas City will be streamed online

- Medical New peanut allergy therapy now in KC

- For Your Local Faves: The Pitch's Best of Kansas City voting is now open

- Kansas City Big Money Gamesmanship: Jamaal Charles sends fans a playful tweet after signing contract extension

- Local Best Wishes: After 12 years as part of the team at 41 Action News, Mark Clegg is saying good bye as he moves to a new career in Texas.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for the morning . . .


Anonymous said...

Either the Mayor & Council or KC EDC CEO needs to be FIRED!!!

YAEl's Op-Ed says it all:The Kansas City region’s stagnating economy is even worse than I thought.

Two weeks ago, I argued that political and business leaders on both sides of the state line were not working together to pursue “big, systemic changes needed to bolster anything more than adequate job and wage growth” in the area.
… The Kansas City metropolitan area was near rock bottom — 21st lowest of the 25 cities — in comparing job growth rates over the last three years, from June 2011 to this June.

… The bottom five were Kansas City (up 3.3 percent), Memphis (3.1 percent), Omaha (3.1 percent), St. Louis (2 percent) and Pittsburgh (1.9 percent).

That’s not exactly a stellar rank for our region. Indeed, it’s embarrassing.

This three-year period covers almost all the time Mayor Sly James has been in charge promoting Kansas City’s virtues.

And yet the Kansas City region gained only 32,600 jobs over the three-year period — a figure that even 10 metropolitan areas with smaller job markets surpassed.

To reiterate , if we want to accept continued floundering as a region economically, let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing when it comes to pursuing companies from other cities, fighting the border war over jobs, passing out big tax breaks for greenfield development, etc.

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

So when you go see the quack in Kansas City, chances are you're gonna be treated by a witch doctor?

Sorry ... I forgot the PC lingo. A traditional healer.

Anonymous said...

What's all these words in between the pictures of the nekkid girls? That Sophie has a fine rack, doesn't she?

Cletus said...

I went to elementary school with Sophie. She had the biggest tits in the class from fourth grade on.

Anonymous said...

" KCMO considering ordinance to ban open carry within city limits"

Go ahead dipshits make my day. Please puff up that legal defense fund before passing that ordinance 'cause I need a new swimming pool and tennis court and I don't want the city to be slow in paying up.

Anonymous said...

"The conflict is hitting home for an Overland Park family that has a loved one studying in Israel and has been caught in the middle."

Typical BS from American Jews attempting to play the "VICTIM" card while the government of Israel commits war crimes against the people of the Gaza Strip.

This American woman could leave whenever she wants to, and come home. The people of the Gaza Strip were told to evacuate, but exactly where are they supposed to go? They're 2 million (+) residents trapped on a small piece of land between Israel and Egypt! More than 100,000 people have been displaced by Israel’s military offensive, according to UNRWA.

690 dead and 4500 injured in Gaza Strip since Israeli invasion.

Anonymous said...

"Nearly half of Kansas City area health care workers lack bachelor’s degrees"

Same for the police and city workers.

Why drive the cost of care up? we already have a world demanding degrees for $12.00 and hour jobs and the quality, attitude, integrity and productivity is worse than ever.