Thursday, July 17, 2014

Show-Me MO Money For Transportation Tax

KC Biz Journal reports on cash from the Heavies in order to start start rainmaker highway tax cash with some set aside for the toy train: Supporters of a three-fourths-cent statewide transportation sales tax proposal have raised more than $3.3 million



Vote No on Amendment 7!

Miss Sweetie Pie living the dream said...

Mr. Tony,
Normally I vote for infrastructure upgrades. Good for the area and good for jobs. This time it's a no vote because of the weaselly Toy Train Tax that was rammed into the tax proposal.
Mr. Tony, every damn day I encounter needed repairs in our city. Just how can we justify the Toy Train Tax? And then the American Royal wants us to pay for a new arena so they can have dancing horses in nice stalls for a select few to enjoy. Screw 'em.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They are as ridiculous as the faux-racist trolls that trash up this blog.

Anonymous said...

Every dollar these clowns waste is one dollar they won't have for the next election to raise taxes.

Anonymous said...

Hey enough is enough on the sleep all day on duty one out of every three days and work two days off making big money firemen tax.

If you are stupid you will vote for the fireman tax to line their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:14 PM What is a faux-racist troll?

Why would anyone feign being a racist?

And how do you trash up this blog when Tony puts on some of the done to the bone losers in KC like Aloonyzo Dipshittington, Phoney Bones and ShitGlazer?

Anonymous said...

It is those trucks as big as box cars tearing up the roads. Increase the tax on diesel fuel not a general sales tax.

Anonymous said...

5:20 Pm are you crazy do you think we would raise taxes on any one but the working folks. Besides these trucking lobbyist bring booze, girls, boys if we want, gamblin junkets, tons of money and meals.

How stupid are you to think we would tax our friends who we whored out too and represent.

Foolish voter taxes are for peasants not our cartage courtiers.

Anonymous said...

Please note that all of the donors are the stuffed shirts that will line their pockets with your money.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a toll on I-70 along time ago? Then the geniuses in Jeff City got rid of it.
Time to put it back. Vote No on Amendment 7 sales tax increase.