Thursday, July 03, 2014

Red State Consensus: Kansas Sen. Roberts And Milton Wolf Agree To Fight Obamacare

AP reports Red State commitment and just a bit of unity against the Prez in an otherwise contentious political contest: "Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts and Republican primary opponent Milton Wolf have both signed a pledge to fight for repeal of the federal health care overhaul."


Anonymous said...

Even a more or less rational Republican like Roberts has to bow to the party's far-right fanatics. A vote for either of these people is a vote to keep Kansas the backward state that it is.

If a national health care program is evil and socialistic, then why does every single industrialized country but this one, regardless of its politics, have it? Why should medical care be a privilege for rich people in a country that can afford it for everybody?

chuck said...

Every single person I know who has switched to Obama care has seen a dramatic rise in costs. Now I understand that my comment is anecdotal, but at this point, this plan by the Federal Government to transfer wealth is a galactic failure.

Think about it, when the Individual Mandate kicks in (Which OBVIOUSLY, the same folks to shoved this shit down our throats, did NOT want to be implemented BEFORE the mid term elections, because they KNOW it will fuck the middle class right up the ass.) and everyone starts feeling the REAL resutls of this cumbersome, ineffective, desultory legislation that effectively supervises, by the Federal Government, you know, the Feds, who run the VA, 1/6th of our economy, it will be so fucked you won't believe it.

Health Care in a Multicultural society, where the middle class ALREADY supports a dramatically growing amount of dead weight (1 in 13 are now on disability, it used to be 1 in 120.) folks who do NO WORK at all, is a far cry from Denmark and other examples used so frequently by the left.

Don't believe me?

Just fuckin wait. It is a fucking disaster and the reason, in my opinion, that we suffered a 3% decline in GDP in the first quarter is directly related to Obama Care.

When the Feds take THAT much disposable income away from the middle class and force you to spend it on Health Care costs not previously in plce, you KILL the economy.

Just wait.

Anonymous said...

Roberts is a completely empty suit and nothing but weathervane that spins around in the direction of anyone who says "boo".
Has he completed the investigation into why there weren't really any WMD in Iraq that he undertook when he was chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee yet?
What a joke.

Anonymous said...

You can be sure that that rich, jew doctor is already getting his piece of the "obama-pie."

Everyone who didn't drink the Koolaid said...

Repeal Obamacare

Jail Obama, Pelosi and all the rest of the criminals who perpetrated this SCAM on the people of this nation.

Anonymous said...

Fucking idiots. The only people fighting this are the people making a shit load of money off keeping medicine as crooked as it is. They wrap their message in the flag and every redneck in the country says we don't need health!

Anonymous said...

This is news (?)...the whinning about the Affordable Care Act continues.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the ACA after being laid off from my job after almost 30 years.

I was asked one question at signup. "Do you expect to make $46,000 this year"? I put down no.

I was offered a $400 tax credit a month to put toward my insurance premiums. I decided to only use $200 a month towards my insurance premium. My insurance is $400 a month. I pay $200 out of my own pocket every month.

Btw, when I mean my own money, I'm talking about money I had to take out of my 401k that I had been putting money in since the mid '80's that was supposed to be there for my retirement, which I'll never see. I pay my bills. Make my house payment every month and I still pay my taxes while still not finding a job after 8 months.

I selected my insurance company from a list of 5 because the numbers were good and they had the doctor I'd been with for 20+ years in their network.

Office visits cost me zero dollars. My cost for generic prescriptions are half of what they were when I was paying $180 every 2 weeks at my former job.

Most of the costs of medical insurance go to the armies of paid office workers in every insurance company and doctor's office who are there to deal with the mountains of paperwork required by the government and insurance companies.

My doctor is in a practice with ten other doctor's. They probably have over 100 people working along with them, just to handle the all the patient's and their paperwork.

What everyone should realize, but because of selective memory, they don't, is that us taxpayer's pay billion's every year that go to hospital emergency rooms because that's where folks with no insurance end up when they break their leg, get in a car accident or finally make themselves go to the hospital after being sick for 6 months.

The reality of it all is that many hard working people who often work 2-3 jobs because of the low pay have no insurance and what we are doing is subsidizing millionaires and billionaires who won't pay a living wage or provide insurance.

The 1%ers have a PR staff and lawyers out the wazoo to make them look good in the eyes of the public. The poor don't.

The next time you go to Mickey D's or whatever fast food joint you prefer, direct your anger at the owner who's looking to buy a 2nd or 3rd boat at the lake this summer or maybe a condo in Belize with the money he saves in wages and insurance costs, instead of the poor schlubs working for 8 bucks an hour.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Obama care made my costs go way up.


1. I'm getting good care I need.

2. It didn't cost me anything before, because I couldn't afford any. Lucky I never got sick enough to die.

3. Being without any insurance is fine when you're the average 25-year-old and never getting sick. When you get older, it's a different story.

Anonymous said...

Quote from the Wall Street Journal, mouthpiece of the oligarchic right:

" So it's notable that a major cause of the sharp downward revision in first-quarter GDP was a decline in consumer spending on health care."

This completely contradicts some of the lunatic rants above.