Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Recently, there's an indication that Kansas City dead tree media and a great many publications have been misleading the public about the chances of empty suit Rep. Paul Davis.

Take a look:

New York Times/CBS Poll: Brownback up by double figures


"Over the weekend, a poll released by The New York Times and CBS shows that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has a commanding 12-point advantage.

When including voters who are leaning one way or another, Brownback leads 52-40 percent."

Even more for people tempted to writhe this one off . . . YouGov’s data is worthy of consideration based on the firm’s accuracy in predicting the 2012 presidential election and because phone polls have become increasingly less reliable for data on younger voters.

In other words, mainstream media celebration of THE RISE OF REP. PAUL DAVIS HAS BEEN MOSTLY MANUFACTURED and turns out (SHOCK!!!) that most voters don't care about macroeconomic theory.


Anonymous said...

"When including voters who are leaning one way or another, Brownback leads 52-40 percent."

If that's an accurate summary of the polling data, it's pretty hard to interpret it as a big lead for Brownback. It's basically says he wins if all the undecided voters ultimately vote for him.

The governor was not available for comment because he was doing his morning Opus Dei devotions (i.e., whipping himself).

Anonymous said...

Lol on the gov whipping himself.

But at this point, how many people are really undecided. Sounds like @6:38 is putting a lot of faith in media numbers.

Anonymous said...

Kansas if you re-elect Brownbag....you need to loser your right to vote. You will have proven yourself to be bat shit stupid. What the fuck is wrong with you morons ?

Trying to keep up with the mule heads. Bad enough we have McCaskill and Blount. But then you have Roberts and Brownhole. Idiots....one and all.

Anonymous said...

If it was in the NY Times it has to be at least half bullshit. So I'll give Brownback 5 points. He is in- PERIOD

Anonymous said...

Is it is Kansas and Davis is an empty suit.

Brownback wins 60/40 despite the KC Star's love affair with Paul Davis and their ethically questionable attempts to destroy Brownback.

Jayhawk Joe said...

Of course Brownback will win. The rank and file Kansan is not upset with him, despite what the KC Star keeps hoping. And Kansas is still a much better place to live and work than Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Just like Republicans can't manage to find a decent Presidential Candidate, Kansas Democrats can't manage to find winners to take out the tired old party republicans!

Too bad. Most of the Republicans in US and state offices are HORRIBLE. But not much competition, I've noticed. All junior varsity types.