Friday, July 04, 2014


We just found an extremely entertaining and thought provoking clip for the Kansas City overnight/early morning.

Apparently, Jesus Christ is a folk singer touring Kansas and he's having a hard time of it.


Check the clip:

"Road to NowHere" a film by Jonathan Fleig and Brian D. Hardin.


"Jonathan Fleig is an award-nominated Americana singer/songwriter from Emporia, Kansas. Harkening the bittersweet essence of American folk raconteurs, his styling lures listeners from all walks of life, from blues and soul to rock and country. Director/Producer Brian D. Hardin (Quincy Jones, India Arie, Ziggy Marley) couldn't agree more: "Jonathan is a passionate, emotional storyteller with a warm, genuine voice and the guitar virtuosity of the greats."

Jonathan brings organic and heartfelt storytelling front and center in his new album and documentary film, Road To Nowhere. The entire project was captured live, on location, in symbolic pastoral settings across the state of Kansas."

The preview clip is pretty great and features some interesting music, a nice synopsis of the story and scenes of rural life in Kansas. The story of loss and life is parallel but much more artsy than all of the political handwringing about tax cuts and revenue projections. Certainly, something to think about for the overnight/early morning.

Hopefully, more in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Kansas, a true shit hole. Home of morons and goat shaggers.

Anonymous said...

Does the road to nowhere "pay for itself"?

Did I get to vote on it, even though I don't live there?

Was I disenfranchised by not living there?

Isn't that an unjust undue burden?

Do hipsters use it?

Zach said...

Jonathan Fleig's "Road to NowHere" disk and movie are among the most original things you'll ever hear. Heartfelt and addictive.