Monday, July 28, 2014


TKC NOTE: Your favorite Kansas City Transit Activist weighs in on an upcoming ballot question . . .

Clay Chastain Calls Streetcar Question A "Fraudulent"

The City's Streetcar Ballot Question "A" is fraudulent, seeks to deceive and manipulate voters on August 5th, and puts democracy on the rocks in Kansas City.

In yet another act of bad faith the City, led by Mayor Sly James and
City Councilman Russ Johnson, has placed before Kansas City voters on the August 5th ballot Streetcar Question "A" that dangles the false possibility of the City using the proposed taxes to build light rail.

Question A reads the City intends to build, "a fixed rail streetcar AND/OR LIGHT RAIL system," when in fact the City is planning, designing, budgeting, and advertising to build Kansas City a streetcar-based transit system!

There is a world of difference, including cost, between light rail and streetcars in that light rail is a train system that moves faster, has higher passenger-capacity, covers longer distances with fewer stops, and most importantly, operates in its own dedicated right-of-way separated from traffic.

In fact, Kansas City's 2001 Final Focus Transit Report recommended light rail over streetcars and bus rapid transit (BRT) as the preferred transit mode for Kansas City's future transit system.

No doubt, the City's aim is to swindle voters and capitalize on light rail's popularity (light rail was approved in Kansas City in 2006 before the City overturned that election in 2007) by falsely suggesting the voters could get light rail if they vote for the City's streetcar proposition.

So the scheming City plants the words light rail in its own streetcar ballot language to snooker voters, while completely omitting the words light rail in the City's ballot language for the people's light rail initiative slated for the upcoming November 4th ballot!!!!!

Democracy is on the rocks in Kansas City and thus I am forwarding this press release to Missouri's Secretary of State and Attorney General, as well as the President of the United States.

Meanwhile, please join me in voting against the City's underhanded Streetcar Ballot Question A next Tuesday.

Then on November 4, 2014 we will all have a chance to vote for liberty and a real citywide light rail-based multimodal transit system (headquartered at Union Station) designed to provide for the people of Kansas City a "more green, prosperous, and transit-oriented city."

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Just when you about believe this guy might be on to something, he let's the dumbest shit on earth, fly outta his mouth. What a goofy fucker!

Anonymous said...

Wherever they're coming from and whatever they're selling, these "transit" nut cases will bankrupt KCMO.
A pox on the entire crowd.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, if he is dumb what do you have to say about the citizens of KC who let things get to this point with that trolly car? Even worse the dumb asses are gonna set here and watch it expand on their dollars.

Anonymous said...

Just vote NO on all city issues, you can't trust anyone in city government.

Anonymous said...

I moved to KC in 2007 and I think I've voted against at least three of these referendum scams and yet they always pass. The cronies know how to work the system. They get them on the ballot in off year election cycles when turnout will be poor, but they somehow identify voters (zip codes?) sympathetic to the cause and blanket them with advertising and robo calls to make sure they vote. Usually, there's not much of an organized effort to try to stop the issue from passing. So the cronies just keep putting their hands in your back pocket because not enough people show up to vote to stop them from taking your money. These referenda are an organized way for activists/cronies to pick your pocket. Bad idea.

Anonymous said...

How can we "join" Chastain in voting? He's not a resident and is not eligible to vote in KC.

Abcnkc said...

Light Rail yes, steel wheeled tour bus no.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I hate having to agree with Chastain. Dammit.

Anonymous said...

First of all, 3:38, you're a dope. Second, per Chastain: "Meanwhile, please join me in voting against the City's underhanded Streetcar Ballot Question A next Tuesday. " Uh Clay, you're not a city resident.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting with Clay