Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mr. Peanut & SmartKC Raise $89K To Throw The Toy Train Streetcar Off Track

Biz Journal accounts for the toy train opposition in their late campaign finance report which isn't as exciting because most of the cash is coming from Mr. Peanut: PAC opposing KC streetcar raises $89,000


Anonymous said...

funny thing---Nutter in the photo in the Business Journal is looking more and more like David Koch. LoL
And acting him too with opposition to anything modern and for the future. At least we know who Nutter is.

But ole Sherry Dejanes still accepts
almost half her money from secret donors who have a history of being aligned with right wing groups that opposed the City's renewal of the Earnings Tax.
Smart KC is beginning to look like Freedom, Inc.---available to the highest bidder.

Hyperblogal said...

If they are secret donors how the heck do you know who they are aligned with? Frankly, I'll never vote for the earnings tax again unless there is a sea change in council direction.

Hyperblogal said...
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Hyperblogal said...
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Willis "Tenderfoot" Jones said...

You won't vote e-tax, but unfortunately the dolts in this town who fall victim to bulk mailings with images of flatlining EKGs will continue to be dolts the next go-aroujnd.

The boomer jaggoffs in this town are still very much believers in "government as savior" and will keep signing the blank checks.

Anonymous said...

Κύριε, ἐλέησον

Anonymous said...

The Streetcar Crusaders will say and do anything to railroad their flawed boondoggle down peoples throats. They are obviously becoming more desperate by the day.

Most likely because their unethical endeavors, including blatant lying have been exposed.

Hyperblogal said...

Some supporters of the Northeast leg are touting the "economic development" the streetcar will bring. Unfortunately their version of economic development embraces used car lots and auto parts stores.

Anonymous said...

They got what a couple blocks of rail installed and already the streetcar is such an epic proven success they want to expand it?

Ropes, Trees said...

The lying, thieving criminals in power here in Kansas City will stop at nothing to shove this boondoggle down the throats of the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine having a name like nutter....
Put in a I and you get "nuttier"
put in a N and you get "nutten"

I have never heard of that last name.

It sounds like one of those prank know the kind where you call the loud speaker at walmart....

such as "Is there an Ide Nutter here?" You know, get it, I'd nut her.......ha. ha. ha... ha... I crack myself up.....

Anonymous said...

You know, 12:47, attacking your opponents is not the same as justifying a streetcar. I find it, ummmmm, interesting that the streetcar campaign contributors seem to be only those who will benefit if it passes.

And I've yet to see what a streetcar provides that buses don't already do better and cheaper, which may be the reason we replaced streetcars with buses many decades ago.

Anonymous said...

The indictment on this worst than a toy train is against the voters who elected such shithead and grafters.

The corrupt politicians can't help themselves...but they do have to answer to you and YOU are not making them accountable.

Watch me prove my point as the Transportation tax passes and the other tax increases for city hall pass.

If the voters are awake and want to send a message they will vote no on all tax initiatives this August.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone actually say with a straight face that what's been missing along Independence Avenue is a streetcar?
How about building a rail system from point A to point B in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Do you think 1000 flowers will somehow bloom?
How the empty-headed buffoons at city hall could have been stampeded into this fiasco by the kiddie corps and the urban futurist gang is really unbelieveable.
And the bond payments will last long after the millenials have grown up and moved away and the hipsters have found something new that's really cool.
Building a taxpayer-funded amusement park for 20-something year olds while neighborhoods where actual residents of the city live has to be the most irresponsible scam perpetrated on KCMO in a very long time.
And the competition for that award is really fierce.

Anonymous said...

Differetn day, same anti-transit talking points from the CATO/Show me/Anti-infrastructure robots.

"No one has shown me what rail provides that buses don't"
- they have, over and ove, you just ignored it cause it doesn't fit your previously made decision

"Transit is for kiddies/hipsters/cool people/amusement"
-sure, Brookside amateur transit planner and erstwhile self-"employeed" internet lawyer. Cause that's who takes transit.

You goofballs should have stuck with the "buses are good eneough for the poor, and as long as you don't pass a tax for better, more effective, proven transit LIKE THEY HAVE EVERYWHERE ELSE we promise we'll buy you new buses. Promise. We care sooooo much about the east side, that's why you guys know us all from our community involvement in midtown and eastside issues!

Your argument all boil down to one thing:

I don't like it, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! No else can either!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

$30 - $50 - $65 million per mile to build a streetcar run when 18 Proterra EcoRide™ BE35 zero-emission ultra quiet electric buses with charging stations can be purchased for about $26 Million (Fed Grant Eligible) and can serve an entire corridor from Union Station to The Plaza - UMKC (Main St. Plus) round the clock? That would be nine modern, comfortable, quiet buses running each way north and south.

I think I'm going to side with Smart KC. Not Ritalin rage 5:32 and his crew of socially and mathematically challenged loons.

Anonymous said...

Rusty-kun, you aren't gonna win any votes tapping away on your IPad arguing with these shades on TKC.

If you want to really make a difference you and Scott Hall and all the boys at the chamber had better start knocking on some doors on the paseo.

Hurry, if you leave your Tiffany Springs Pkwy apartment now you can still make it down to the hood before the murderers and rapists come out to play.

Anonymous said...

5:32 = Fucking idiot. Facts, pfft, I want it and so should you! Faggot punk!

Anonymous said...

Mensa boy strikes again at 5:32:

"Differetn day, same anti-transit talking points from the CATO/Show me/Anti-infrastructure robots."

Different day, same old ad hominem attacks.

"'No one has shown me what rail provides that buses don't'
- they have, over and ove, you just ignored it cause it doesn't fit your previously made decision"

Well, please. By all means, show me.

Differetn day, same anti-transit talking points from the CATO/Show me/Anti-infrastructure robots.

Your argument boils down to one thing:

I WANT IT, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I need a job after 2015!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad there at least a few people fighting this tax and spend shit. Take from the poor and give to the rich. That all it is in a nutshell. no pun intended.