Monday, July 07, 2014

More Google Fiber Golden Ghetto Expansion

From the Fiber Google Bunny blog just now: "Completed over 7,000 miles of construction, recently started installing service for new customers in and around the northern and southern parts of Kansas City — and now we’re ready to keep rolling out into the surrounding Johnson County area!

Starting today, residents in Westwood, Westwood Hills, Mission Woods and Roeland Park can start signing up for Google Fiber."


Anonymous said...

Wrecked over 7,000 miles of personal property, aesthetics, etc.

All subsidized by the CKMO taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Your Downton Abbey viewing will be in unbuffered bliss!!

Wonder which one of these Westwood Stepford Wives put up all the "no fireworks" signs in Westwood Park?
Just move to Leawood already, you Boomer Gen bitch.

(Of course the signs were classic Boomer behavior)

Startup Village can't even mow their fucking lawn said...

Google must be laughing their balls off at the way they played KC leadership like the rubes they are to be a test market... a place to safely work out the bugs before launching in real cities.

Wonder if Sly did his Shuck and Jive dance for them too?

Good God this town wants to be relevant so badly they'll fall for anything. How's things at Startup Village anyway? Some big things launching there soon?

Anonymous said...

Start-up Village hoped to have its bratwust app ready for July 4, but there were some technical issues.
Should be up for Labor Day, though, and then just watch the billions roll in from that IPO.
The most innovative city in the USA.