Monday, July 21, 2014

Martha Hunt Bikini Hotness And Let's Check The Kansas City Monday Link Pool

Martha Hunt and her bikini paradise pix start our Kansas City mainstream media collection of all the important links impacting our lives here in this cowtown . . .

- Show-Me Courthouse Put On High Tax Notice: Nixon warns Jackson County of tax cuts’ costs

- Discounting Golden Ghetto Death: Police: No sign of foul play in OP death investigation

- Everyone Wants Answers After Kansas Tragedy: Former FBI agent: Dash cams hold some answers in girl's death . . . Mom seeks answers after daughter, 5, killed in shootout

- New Airport Offices: Overhaul base exec talks about new KCI digs

- Golden Ghetto Crackdown: Results of the July 18th DUI Check Lane

- Olathe Car Danger: A man is in critical condition after he was injured while reportedly working underneath a dump truck. . . . Multi-car accident blocks all WB lanes of I-435 near Quivira

- Meth Town Blight Fix: Homes bulldozed to improve Western Independence neighborhood

- Kansas City Season Of Speeding: Racing cars, motorcycles cause traffic problems on I-435

- KCMO Info: Another Kind Of Kansas City Pool To Beat Summer Heat

- Kansas City Football Training Day: Chiefs QBs, rookies arrive at training camp...Chiefs training camp underway

- Kansas City 1% Workout: Plaza welcomes first fitness studio in seven years

- Phelps Clan Panic! At The Disco Protest Aftermath Report: Car drives through Westboro protesters at CrossroadsKC event

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