Monday, July 14, 2014

Mariel Booth & Back 2 The Kansas City Grind

Mariel Booth and her BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOTY bring us back to the Kansas City work week this morning. And here's the Kansas City mainstream media we're checking right now . . . Also, this is where a lot of the Dead Tree Media links go to die as news sources in this town become more diverse . . .

- Lesson In One More Last Hope For Kansas City Public Schools: Lean Lab doesn’t have KC schools’ cure-all, but it’s ready for a demo day

- Round-Up Of GOP Pipe Dream Papers: Documents show millions in cash commitments for RNC in KC, but shortcomings as well

- Show-Me The Cash Game: Money flowing to Missouri transportation tax group

- Mary Sanchez Nice Token Column: Bright Futures Fund needs help to keep putting children through Catholic school

- Show-Me Gov. Jay Campaigning: Nixon: Dems need ‘heartland’ voice in 2016

- Kangaroos Teaching Po'Folk How To Take On More Student Loan Debt: UMKC doing more to reduce cost of college for lowest-income students

- City Hall Burning Through More Cash: Kansas City seeks sales tax renewal to help fund Fire Department

- Tragic Artsy Accident Memorial: Fallen ironworker’s family plans memorial near Kauffman Center

- Now With Office Space In Kansas City And A Snack Cake Comeback: Hostess announces the return of the Chocodile

- Now That We've Stopped Pretending To Care About Soccer: Sporting KC sweeps series with 2-1 win at Montreal

- The Cowtown Sound: Kansas City Summer Concert Series Listing


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Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S the kind of ASS Pacino was talking about!!!

Anonymous said...

Nixon and all the Demoncrats are fetid piles of corrupt shit.

P Bear said...

Transportation Tax = brilliant way to attempt to

fleece the entire STATE of Missouri into paying for

the Toy Fucking Train.

Vote No on everything. Missouri is a shit hole already. Don't give the ass clowns another cent until they learn how to balance a simple checkbook. Fucking "parent dependent" assholes.

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez should rim an entire cholera ward, then get back to us in two weeks with her opinions.

Anonymous said...

"Nixon: Dems need ‘heartland’ voice in 2016"

AVERAGE JOE: Dems will need to find jobs in the heartland for a Senate full of unemployed politicians in 2016

Anonymous said...

This is a story? " Money flowing to Missouri transportation tax group" Wouldn't it be a story if it was, "No money flowing to Missouri transportation tax group"?

Anonymous said...

This is a story? " Money flowing to Missouri transportation tax group" Wouldn't it be a story if it was, "No money flowing to Missouri transportation tax group"?

Anonymous said...

P Bear may know about shitting in the woods, but he (or she) doesn't know shit about transportation. So thanks for your worthless opinion shit bear.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious... The City wants a 20-year renewal of the FD tax, which pays for salaries and debt service and not much else, yet dangles the hope of "upgraded equipment" and "new stations". It's BS and they know it. They very unwisely paid salaries out of this expiring sales tax and structured their debt to extend past the sunset on the tax. Now, their screwed without a renewal and have to choose between being on the ballot with all of the transportation taxes this year or the e-tax renewal next year.

Anonymous said...

As to the MoDOT transportation tax, it might have been a good idea for the state IF KANSAS CITY HADN'T DESIGNATATED THEIR ENTIRE PORTION TO THE STREETCAR. No highway improvements, no decongestion projects, just hundreds of millions for the streetcar (on top of the TDD, special property assessments, and raiding of the PIAC and general funds).

Anonymous said...

A Red Labor Memorial close to Kaufman Center?