Saturday, July 05, 2014

Lucy And More Kansas City Saturday Links

Check this Kansas City Saturday link update while we're still thinking about Lucy Collett . . .

- Local Murder Report: KCK police investigate fatal shooting on Fourth of July

- Holiday Tragedy Deluge: Three drown on deadly 4th of July in Missouri

- More Blight Burning On The Other Side Of Troost: Arson investigators take closer look at east KC house fire

- NO brakes For Kansas City: Pedestrian suffers serious injuries after being struck by car

- Deadly Streets Statewide: Missouri traffic deaths ahead of 2013

- Kansas City Runaround: Police pursue pickup truck; Driver of minivan flees after crash

- Sunflower State Tremors: Scientists struggle to figure out why ground is shaking in Kansas

- Local Soccer Winning: Sporting KC goalkeeper MLS Player of the Month

- Splash News: Father and daughter rescued after canoe overturns near Bond Bridge

- Show-Me Progress Despite So Much Racism: Black bear population growing in Missouri

- Managing Martini Corner: Kansas City’s no-parking signs are slow to appear on 31st Street

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Anonymous said...

Kansas ground is shaking from shear boredom!! It's pathetic how dead that state is..

Anonymous said...

July 5 - Hangover Saturday

Anonymous said...

True dat. TV personalities still look blitzed.

Anonymous said...

We Kansas people like lots of sex. If this state is rocking don't bother knocking if fact just stay the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

Jeezus is punishing Kansas because it is overrun by religious crackpots who give Christianity a bad name.

P Bear said...

Black Bear......grrrrrrrrr