Monday, July 07, 2014


Bikini babe Lisa Opie and her flexible hotness inspire this Kansas City early morning mainstream media link workout . . .

- Holiday Weekend Tragedy: Men from Prairie Village, KC die in SUV crash; four others seriously hurt

- Digital Rights: Question of electronic privacy on Missouri’s August ballot

- Show-Me Catholic Shame: Timothy Cardinal Dolan deposed in the case of ex-Missouri priest on trial for allegedly molesting girl

- Sunflower State Shouting Match: Next Kansas governor may be the one whose message is loudest, experts say

- KCFD On Task: Runaway dock safely secured by Kansas City Firefighters on Missouri River

- Economic Philosophy Debate That's Really A Great Read For Those With The Time: Supply Side Kansas and ALEC

- Show-Me Online Legal Education: Missouri’s Supreme Court justices are about to be online professors. The Supreme Court of Missouri’s civic education committee has launched a new website – “Discover Missouri Courts,” – devoted exclusively to providing user-friendly information about Missouri courts and judges.

- KCK Baseball Good Deed: T-Bones to help “Strike Out Domestic Violence”

- Kansas City Reality Check: The Royals continue to tread water with a 17-19 record against division opponents.

- Promo Coverage To Promote Old And Busted German Engineering: First Human Riders Take On The Verr├╝ckt, World’s Tallest Water Slide

- Willie Nelson & Co. Charmed Kansas City Starlight Last Night


This is the OPEN THREAD for the morning . . . Hopefully, more in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Willie did a hell of a show last night and I am damn glad to report no sounds of gun fire. Was some rather creepy fuckers in the parking lot as we was leaving. Why can't these fuckers ever stay home or in the hood.

Anonymous said...

That is one hell of a new sexual position. I'd like to cum on her ass and tits. Then share her with my cousin from Iowa.

Nam-ASS-te said...

Kinda hard to think about balancing my chakras when all's I'm thinking about is eating that ass!

Anonymous said...

Can "WE'RE" put a Latest Posts Widget at the top right sidebar so people don't have to scroll up and down this idiotic 2002 blog template.


Anonymous said...

She don't look like the "Opie" from Andy of Mayberry.

Anonymous said...

Lovely girl.