Saturday, July 12, 2014

LA Times Calls Kansas 'Gun Crazy' Amid Second Amendment Freedom Fight

LA Times looks down on flyover country: Kansas goes a little gun crazy with its Second Amendment Protection Act


Anonymous said...

Wow, Just imagine the millions of people who will want to visit Kansas, invest in Kansas and live in Kansas after reading that.

The rest of the country regards Kansas as a place full of screwballs, religious fanatics, bigots and gun nuts.

Where did they ever get an idea like that?

Anonymous said...

L.A. Times, which has no people or reporters in Kansas, should maybe look at the violence in east LA and west LA and all the fuck over LA and offer their expert solutions to anyone in California who gives a rats ass what they have to print. Again, some junior grade journalist offers up a not so "expert" analysis to support a predetermined conclusion. Only Judge Judy is better at that.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the LA Times
Fuck LA
Stay the FUCK out of Kansas, Libtards!