Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kansas City Yoga Pants Morning Workout

Candice Swanepeol And Erin Heatherton inspire this early morning workout and look @ Kansas City mainstream media links with their stylish yoga pants hotness . . .

- It's Prez Obama Time: Return visit to Uptown Theater for President Obama eagerly anticipated

- Golden Ghetto Price Spike: JoCo could see property tax increases in 2015

- Kansas City Vacant Bites The Dust: KC home known for criminal activity demolished

- Local Old School Rip-Off: Devious international scam has drained elderly metro man of more than $150K

- Kansas City Fast Food Worker Even More Broke-Ass Than Originally Reported

- JoCo Fear: Overland Park police investigating attempted child abduction

- Courthouse Backpedaling: Legislators unanimously vote to repeal part of gun law that impacted hunting

- Kansas City Doggie Accommodation: New pet oxygen masks coming to KCFD

- Strangely, Problem Solver Story Was REALLY Interesting: Homeowners faced peculiar problem trying to build above-ground pool

- Urban Core Subterfuge: Photo gallery: Artists transform Kansas City’s vacant properties with Lots of Love

- Local Tough Love Camp: Mind, body and soul of troubled teens tested at camp designed to reform bad behavior

- Kansas City Foodie Update: Ubuntu is closed, but the cook has moved to 4th Down Grill

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Anonymous said...

Wonder what cum guy thinks about yoga pants ?

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie often romps around the back yard in yogas.

Anonymous said...

Only American women could manage to take a 1000 year old spiritual tradition and reduce it to "how does my butt look in these pants."

Anonymous said...

8:08, and the problem is......

Anonymous said...

It's Prez Obama Time: Return visit to Uptown Theater for President Obama eagerly anticipated

I'll be handing out rotten eggs to those entering the Uptown Theater. Your cue, is when he comes on stage and says "how you doing Kansas City?"