Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kansas City Verrückt Disappointment Cont'd

Fox4 reports even more German engineering FAIL for people who can't wait to slide through human stew: Schlitterbahn’s Verrückt reservation process leaves some disappointed


P Bear said...

The Polar Bear has been to Verruckt, seen Verruckt, and conquered Verruckt.

In conclusion, Verruckt sucks. Just like sliding down a small iceberg. Nothing special.

PS: Germans don't know shit about taking reservations. Save yourself all the a slip and slide from K-Mart and have some real fun for a lot less money. Don't try and impress the Polar Bear with " I been down the world's biggest water slide". That like telling someone you sucked a black cock in Westport. Not cool !

Anonymous said...

What? These are the people who know how to make the trains run on time.

Then again, Mercedes Benzes have become like Cadillacs ... once among the bests cars in the world, now unreliable pieces of shit. Hans und Fritz done lost their mojo, ja?

Anonymous said...

Out of town idiots hope they learned a lesson. Everything I have read talks about the reservation process. Guess the Obama rubes from Hillbilly land Huskers and the Redman land can't fucking read. We all know they sure as fuck can't work. Sound like a bunch of WalMart shoppers all of them.

Blaz Tavers, social anthropologist said...

Easy money says that some local cornfed yokel will be making a "reservation with death" when he finds a way to slip through that netting or shimmy though a gap somewhere.
There just hasn't been a kind of math invented yet that can adequately engineer against the kind of stupid we bring here.

Anonymous said...

What did you expect from Wyandotte County? Failure is rewarded and encouraged. Win or lose, money going into pockets. Thanks TV media for all the coverage. Professional pimps for the Unified Government.

Anonymous said...

Water park boundary fence is inches away from grave markers. This is a historic grave yard. Unmarked graves of people living in a poor house.

You can be assured UG big shots won't have to worry about ending up in a poor house grave yard.

lee woo said...

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