Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kansas City Traffic Checkpoint Legality

KSHB reports on a Kansas City Summer traffic crackdown tradition: Police checkpoints: What are the legal issues?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to NAZI Germany.

Anonymous said...

How fucking stupid can these 41 reporters be? Federal Grant money is tax payer money so how the hell can you say no tax payer monies are used. Do you dumb fucks think the Red Cross or Clinton library trust is pitching in? Jesus! What numb nuts. So we are basically paying time and a half to have a thousand cars stopped and 30 people arrested? I will also challenge the notion that unlicensed drivers are killing more people than misdemeanour police chases in this country.

Anonymous said...

You could have stopped 90% less cars and obtained the same number of arrests had the checkpoint been in the inner city. But of course that would have been profiling so stop 1,000 people instead of 100.