Wednesday, July 09, 2014


The remaining half dozen people who still listen to KCMO 710 tell us that Kansas City Talker Gregg Knapp is pretty good so this recent attack on his ethics is rather unfortunate.

Check it:

Radio host accused of bias in Pat Roberts interview


"A conservative talk-radio host whose aggressive interview with Sen. Pat Roberts went viral last week had earlier been paid by Roberts’ opponent Milton Wolf to perform music at a Wolf campaign event.

"And now Roberts’ supporters are accusing the host of ambushing the senator during Thursday’s interview and saying the payment raises conflict-of-interest questions.

"Greg Knapp, the morning show host on KCMO radio in Kansas City who interviewed Roberts, received a $500 payment in October from the Wolf campaign, federal campaign finance records show."

Meanwhile, the mere act of blogging destroys the myth of objectivity and I'm not sure somebody needs an excuse to give an elected official a hard time.

Also, is being very generous with the term "viral" here given that the clip of the interview had a few thousands hits . . . ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to the piano playing cat.

Anyhoo . . . It's our belief here @ TKC that Gregg Knapp can redeem himself by yelling at Milton Wolf too in the very near future or at least making fun of his tragic bedside manner.

Developing . . .


P Bear said...

Come on Tony, give us something to work with today.


Alonzo W

Michael Brooks

Any dog that will bite a mailman


That Honig hag

Anything "hipster"

Anything other than the Toy Train
and 12th & Oak or Jackson County al,et.

Anonymous said...

I heard part of the interview. Roberts was dodging the questions.

Anonymous said...

He should ask candidates about their views on robocalls and unsolicited bulk email.

Anonymous said...

Pat Roberts ? He isn't even a Kansas resident.

How can you be elected to the Senate when you don't live in the state you are running to be elected in ?

Anonymous said...

How is it a conflict of interest? He's a conservative radio host. He can give or get money from anyone he wants and interview any way he choses.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

After 47 years on the public payroll any battle-trained Marine should be able to handle a tough interview. Perhaps Roberts isn't sharp enough to do the job.

Brownback and Kobach are bad enough. Throw them all out and start with a fresh group.

Anonymous said...

Conflict of interest? Everyone has a price, as Pat Roberts undoubtedly knows, but $500? That would buy, maybe, Mensa boy. Let's hope Greg Knapp's price is higher than that!

Anonymous said...

What's the bitch? MSNBC has been operating like this for damn near a decade and no liberals are screaming for fairness and justice.

Mike Smith For Liberty said...

So the tea party is no better than liberals? Then why bother voting for them?