Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kansas City Saturday Stay Classy Links

Right now we're admiring Margot Robbie leggy good life hotness and checking these important Kansas City mainstream media links today . . .

- Kansas City Democracy Underway: Voting has begun for August’s primary elections.

- Cowtown Run-Around; Police take driver into custody after pursuit

- Show-Me Even More Dead Tree Media Tax Endorsement: Marriage of state transportation tax, streetcar plan boosts KC’s future

- Republican Reax To Election Loser: GOP to Todd Akin: Shut up

- KCK Exclusivity: 'Insane' water slide so popular, Schlitterbahn taking reservations

- Global Climate Change In Action: Joe’s Weather Blog: Heat+Storms+Record Potential

- Meth Town Makes Good: Volunteers spruce up Independence schools

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

How do speculators justify plans to restrict single-family homes and funnel more people into pack-and-stack housing?

Consider that compact cities generate their own negative externalities: unaffordable housing, loss of privacy, noise, far more congestion and more concentrated air pollution than the suburbs, and in many cases higher rates of crime. Sure, you might be able to walk to a grocery store, but if you confine yourself to shopping at stores you can walk to, you will pay more for a limited selection of goods.

Meanwhile, we know that baby boomers aren’t moving out of their homes and into apartments like planners have predicted. Moreover, just published data showing that the percentage of Millennials living in urban cores is declining. More than 80 percent of Millennials live in suburbs or exurbs, and the fastest growth of Millennials is in the outer-ring suburbs and exurbs. This contradicts the planners argument that planners should force more compact development because that is what young people and empty nesters supposedly want.


Anonymous said...

Libtards never met a tax they didn't like.

Anonymous said...

The streetcar taxing plan has never been about generating enough money to build or run the thing. It's wlawys been about trying to figure out how to get just enough votes to move on to the next empty promise of how it's wll supposed to work.
Combining the streetcar and the state transportation tax is just another example of loading the wagon to the point that it fails of its own weight. Especially when some of the constiutencies, like east side residents, are clearly against the proposal.
The August vote will ensure its collapse. Then the real scramble will start to find money to pay the bills that are piling up daily.
The fat lady is about to sing.

Marcus Mumford, local urban woodsman said...

I'll convert one of the streetcars into a Chilean food cart if the whole deal falls through.

P Bear said...

LOL.....FTW Marcus, local urban woodsman.

You are the definition of a "Hard Charger".