Monday, July 28, 2014


KCUR attempts a bit of objectivity because nowadays the newspaper is pretty much just part of a corporate/political machine: Voter Guide To Kansas City Question A


Anonymous said...


Vote Yes

Then give us all your money!

Anonymous said...

It will be nice to get this over with one way or another. I am beyond tired of the endless sniveling.


Anonymous said...

Be nice to get out of dysfunctional Jackass County one way or another. I am beyond tired of the endless lies and spin.

Anonymous said...

If its voted in, taxes go up, and up and, up. For some reason they never go down. Vote NO

Anonymous said...

Here's your guide, VOTE NO.

Anonymous said...

Anti- transit voter guide:

Since you live in Overland Park or suburban St. Louis, you can't vote. But make sure you spend your money telling east side and midtown residents how to vote, how important corporations should really make decisions, not actual resident, and when you are losing, make up a bunch if lies. Try ones like these:

Streetcars steal sewer money (to build sewers, yes, but that doesn't count)

Streetcars steal sidewalk money (to build sidewalks)

Streetcars kill children playing.

Streetcars are racist. Trust us black folk, we have always cares so much about you and just want to make sure you don't get any transit investments that are paid for mostly by white people and businesses and built mostly on te east side in poor neighborhoods for resident who need transit.

Transit doesn't help development

It unfair and unjust for people to get to vote in their own taxes.

Sales taxes that exempt groceries will make your groceries cost more.

No one builds along transit lines

It only helps young cool white people, even though 100% of it is built in racially diverse or majority minority neighborhoods.

No one will use transit, even though the lines are rig built on the busiest transit corridors in the city where most if the jobs and people are and even thought people use transit everywhere else, even smaller cities.

We don't need transit, what you had is good enough, and the urban core is just fine the way it is. There is no problem with depopulation.

If you vote it down, we promise to build you better buses, really I swear. You have to believe me. Pinky swear. Cross my heart. After all, people like Dan coffee and sherry Dejanes have ALWAYS worked to make sure the easy side and midtown get invested in. That's why you know them from all the years they've been taking care of you and eloping your community. They'll make it their mission to buy you magic buses that are better somehow. They can't say how, or when, but you have to trust them.

Now just vote like we want you to, black ppl. How much more money do we have to give to the "leadership" over there before you fucking get it! We will tell you how to vote, goddamnit. We are WHITE. Reapect our will.

Anonymous said...

Well, i give you a B on effort alone. You're probably worth what they've paying you, but a paid shill tends to be obvious.:)