Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kansas City Public Schools Lesson In The Good Life And Provisional Accreditation

Kansas City Public School are once again touting their renaissance despite more than a generation of FAIL.

KCPS Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green is at the center of both good and bad news for the embattled school district as of late.

Here's a quick rundown . . .

- Check Dr. Green's Work: State board will consider KC schools' accreditation pitch

- Meanwhile, High Priced Meals Might Have Him In Hot Water: KCPS superintendent defends lavish high-end dining

- Let's not forget that he's taking down $250K a year and remains one of the most high-paid education officials in the state . . . So obviously, he's accustomed to the good life.

Don't count on a quick decision until the next round of test scores come through . . . TKC EXCLUSIVE: We hear they're slumping again . . . Meanwhile, the continued exodus from the KCPS shows no sign of abating as long as the district remains unaccredited.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

No nigger worth 250K

Anonymous said...

He wasn't going to take his staff to Church's Chicken, now was he?

Livin' large, walkin' around money, bet he's got a swanky car. It's like being a football player without the drugs and injuries. Good gig.

Anonymous said...

Over paid public servant is what he is.

Who I bet will do not a damn thing to fix a fucking thing.

Black Joke of the Day said...

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First grade.

Anonymous said...

Black kids need to be in a catholic school with some very old school nuns who would beat some manners into their asses

Anonymous said...

This negro is a fraud. I know it's hard to believe that a negro would do such things, but giving a spook a credit card is like giving one to a 16 year old. He's living nigger rich on the taxpayer dole while the KCMO schools are still in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

The values of any organization start with the people at the top and this is a perfect example of why KCPS has been a laughing stock and a catastrophe for young people for decades.
When the superintendent rationalizes spending the taxpayers' money at high end restaurants with the notion that "these are local businesses and he's just recyling money into the community", you have to wonder how that "philosophy" carries over with the rest of the operational decisions and the behavior and decisions of the staff.
With KCPS the kids ALWAYS come last.

Anonymous said...

"recycling the money" is some stupid chamber of commerce economics. Anyone paid 250K per year can pick up the tab for employees on occasion without billing the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I miss the Polar Bear

Anonymous said...

I miss rope, tree and cum guy.

I miss Glazer not being in jail.

I miss Tom Pendergast who would have this over paid nigger digging a ditch somewhere.

Crook said...

He is a crook like the rest of them just a matter of time.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,
I am so sorry for that little Crispin Rea. He sure screwed up each and every time he voted to pay the party bill for Dr. Green. Bless his heart, Crispin Rea was in over his head. Still is for that matter. Soon the thin excuse that he is studying for the Missouri bar will no longer suit the nagging questions. That poor man-child isn't leadership material. He will continue to rubber stamp bad bills and bad ideas if he is elected to city council.
No, he still needs to grow a bit. Too Green.

As for the crackhead use of school kid's dollars... Damn. Mr. Tony why are KCPS/KCPSD leaders so cruel?

Anonymous said...

recycling the money????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Jezus H. Christ. I'm no rocket scientist, but I was one smart motherfucker when I decided not to live in Killa City.

Anonymous said...

Yep El Nacho the Mexican Empty Suit Crispin Rea, brought Dr. Green to KCPS and voted twice to pay this nigger 250k. Now he wants to run the city into the ground and rubber stamp the bowtie silverback???

Anonymous said...

You babies in KCMO. Drive over the river to KCK if you want to see over paid, under qualified public servants. Cars, phones, luxury vacations, private jets, etc. Please give us a break over the outrage of $100 dinners. The bar bills for one dinner are far greater than $100.

Anonymous said...


Best line by Green when clumsily trying to defend his behavior = "We are actually helping those businesses stay viable, so it's actually recycling taxpayer dollars."
OH!!!! That made me laugh out loud!!

More than anything, this exposes the corrupt ATTITUDE and MINDSET of highly compensated ineffective administrators like Green.
"I'm exempt from the standards that I hold my subordinates to"
"I got an exemption allowing me to live in Kansas"
"I like to spend other people's money and be wasteful and extravagant."
"The Board won't hold me accountable, so I can do whatever I want."

Anonymous said...

With this person being paid a quarter of a million dollars a year for a salary, he BETTER PRODUCE RESULTS. That means holding teachers accountable, raising the bar that has been lowered for years, and exacting discipline and order. But you see, this WILL NOT HAPPEN. There are too many people entrenched and on the dole with the District for any meaningful change to happen. This District deserves to lose its accreditation and never regain it. Nicastro - DISMANTLE THIS DISTRICT!!

Anonymous said...

He gets paid a quarter of a million a year and he charges the district for his fucking lobsters and truffles and prime rib?

That's why he has a Ph.D .... clearly he's smarter than the rest of us who can't figure out how to pull off a scam like that.

Anonymous said...

Crispin Rea is clearly responsible for the 250K/year salary, and was celebrating it. From his website:
Dr. Green Contract Announcement, October 24, 2013

“Good morning, my name is Crispin Rea and I am Vice Chair of the Kansas City School Board.

The last two years of Dr. Green’s tenure have been marked by stability and progress. Despite the turmoil imposed by political forces in Jeff City and here at home, Dr. Green’s focus has been unshakable and has remained on what matters most – achievement.

If you don’t believe me, consider how absent many of you have been at our board meetings as an indication of the lack of controversy.

But in the last two years, the KCPS has been resuscitated from life support. District finances are strong. The working relationship between the Superintendent and Board is healthy. And we are closer to becoming fully accredited than any time in the last 25 years.

So, it is with hope and optimism, that at a time where our need to continue the progress is at its greatest, we announce the signing of a new 5 year contract for Superintendent Dr. Green.

This process began some months ago as the Board began its annual review of Dr. Green’s performance. After seeing the last two years’ progress, it became clear that we needed to further ensure Dr. Green’s long term leadership.

I was appointed to chair the board committee tasked with negotiating the new agreement and we began with several broad goals:

1. We wanted this agreement to provide long term stability. So, the contract provides for 5 years of Dr. Green at the helm.

2. We wanted this agreement to promote achievement. So, we included an incentive structure that rewards Dr. Green’s hard work as we return to full accreditation.

3. And we wanted this agreement to demonstrate the Board’s confidence in Dr. Green and his confidence in his board. The signing of this contract demonstrates that.

To run you through a few of the specifics:

1. Dr. Green’s salary will remain the same at 250k a year

2. The contract provides for 5 years of his leadership

3. The contract includes an incentive structure that rewards gaining provisional accreditation, full accreditation, and exceptional status.

There was a time in this District when we brought the count of superintendents to 26 in 44 years. Looking back at the last 2 years and forward to the next 5, we can say with a great deal of confidence that those days are over.”

Obviously Crispy is proud of this waste of taxpayer money. He's got a lot more waiting for us in the future.

Anonymous said...

Crispy's probably out having gourmet chimichangas with the cross-eyed knuckle dragger three nights a week on the taxpayer's dime.

Anonymous said...

Crispin Rea is TOAST!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is a golden parachute coming Green's way?

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who will bitch about KCPS changing leadership every two years. We have had a superintendent for two years. Let's try for three. There is nobody any better for the job. Don't chase the dude out. What a bunch of fucking morons. You did the same thing when Taylor was in charge.