Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Kansas City Neck Shot And Suspect Search

Looking for a Kansas City shooter and it has probably been MONTHS since we've seen a suspect description in the lead paragraph of a news story.

Check it:

FOX4: Fox4: Man shot in neck; gunman still on the loose

KMBC: Man seriously injured in shooting in northeast KC


"Police are looking for a man of Asian descent who was described as 19-years-old and wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans, after a shooting Tuesday morning at about 2:15.

It happened near 32nd and Lexington. The victim was shot in the neck and is is intensive care."

Developing . . .


Chopsticks said...

"Police are looking for a man of Asian descent..."

How do they know he descended from Asia?

Orphan of the Road said...

Hmmm, Lexington runs east-west. Numbered streets in KC run east-west.

So how do you get to this intersection? When was 32nd St ever in Northeast?

Bombay calling again.

D. Cent said...


"Police are looking for a man of African Treetop descent..."

"Police are looking for a man of Border Fence ascent/descent..."

"Police are looking for [what's left of] a man of No Parachute descent..."

"Police are looking for a supposedly Hawaiian-born Indonesian man of highly questionable descent..."

"Police are looking for unwashed, filthy man by descent..."

"Police are warning not to listen to a man with alias of Fid Descent..."

P Bear said...

You can bet your last dollar if the suspect would have been "BLACK" Fox 4 or none of the other camera newsies would have a peep about him.

If it was a rape/sodomy story it would make Fox 4 as the lead story. The Bear thinks "Cum Guy" runs Fox 4. LOL. Just kiddin CG... your more valuable at TKC.

Anonymous said...

The bungled address (calling it old NE) is courtesy of Fox 4's own tard, Mark Alford. He's too busy coming up with his next one-liner to actually care about accurate reporting.