Monday, July 28, 2014

Kansas City Dead Tree Media Columnist Mary Sanchez Solves U.S./Mexico Border Debate

Our favorite token Latina writes up the latest talking points and references the first scene from Godfather II in her latest opus: "What’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border is not a new phenomenon. Not by a long shot. Records of Ellis Island are filled with the stories of young children who arrived on our shores without parents."


Anonymous said...

Can we ship this Sanchez biotch off to Ethiopia?

Anonymous said...

Ellis Island people wanted a future those on the border now want a government check and Osama Obama will give them one

Anonymous said...

That Sanchez biotch makes Edith Bunker look like Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez is the poster child for Tourette syndrome poor journalism. You just never know when she's going to uncontrollably blurt out some idiotic opinion on the controversy du jour.

As a stereotypical "bleeding heart liberal" she's so predictable in her views, that readers know in advance what she'll write, which negates the opportunity for meaningful discussion.

Absolutely NO ONE should be surprised that on the issue of illegal immigration, Ms. Sanchez attempts to spin it into a "Save The Children" promotion. In this article, she rewrites history when comparing the legal processed immigration of Ellis Island (circa 1890's---early 1900's) to the current ILLEGAL immigration occurring at our southern border.

By giving multiple excuses for non-residents to violate our national laws, Ms. Sanchez demonstrates her ignorance and culpability in promoting a disrespect for the legal system, a breakdown in the safety net for LEGAL residents, a worsening of our public health, and additional pressures on our already failing fiscal condition.

Would Ms. Sanchez have any problem with allowing millions of people from Africa, India, China, North Korea, etc., to illegally cross our borders? Or, is she prejudiced against those races of people?

Anonymous said...

Arrived and picked up by family so fuck off you stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez is a clump of cells.
Someone take her to Planned Parenthood.