Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kansas City Chiefs $85 Fantasy Fanboy Fee

National news notes that our local football team looks to squeeze profits out of a favorite fanboy imaginary pastime: The Kansas City Chiefs will let you host a fantasy football draft in Arrowhead Stadium for $85 per person


Stop Being Stupid The Answer Is said...

Winning football is a fantasy in KC

Anonymous said...

Watch the brain dead beer guzzlers rush in.

Anonymous said...

This actually sounds like a cool deal. Food, beer and a ticket to the same game with a bunch of longtime friends. I'm 50, and fantasy football leagues have been a great excuse for a bunch of us to meet in KC for a weekend, drink some beers and catch up with people who matter a lot because collectively we hold a treasure trunk of life that we all share.

Point being, having our annual FFL draft in an Arrowhead suite for $85 would be another collective experience we would still be talking about at 60.

Thanks TKC fir the tip.