Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Jessica Alba And The Kansas City Link Layout

Jessica Alba hotness is on display in the latest GQ UK as we're checking these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Kansas City Newsie Splashdown Coverage: LIVE: Verruckt's first official riders react

- Local Diploma Mill Allegations: ITT Tech faces slew of lawsuits in KC

- South Kansas City Price Tag Spikes: Cerner ups campus cost to $4.45B, will seek $110M TIF bump

- Sunflower State Lesson In Priorities: Kansas board of education proposes $459 million increase in state aid

- Ailing Local Job Market Gets Worse: Lifetouch Services will lay off 244 in Kansas City

- Gov. Jay Against Giveaways: Nixon vetoes benevolent tax credits bill

- 2nd Amendment Challenge: Brady Group Sues Over Kansas Law Voiding Federal Gun Rules

- Kansas City Makes Junk: Harley-Davidson recalling 66,421 motorcycles

- Meth Town Cowtown Report: Independence PD investigates theft of steer

- Latest Local Social Media Move: KC mayor, police sign up to use Nextdoor

- Hoopz Has A Decent Scoop For Once: Here’s the scoop on 30 years of yum at Murray’s Ice Cream

- Doggie News: Abused dog moves closer to adoption

- Local Blight Landmark: The Story Behind Kansas City's House Of Cards

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I look at this line up and all I can say is "fuck you Kansas City, and fuck you residents, you are getting absolutely everything you deserve"

Anonymous said...

Ha! A soda jerk at Murray's was called "one of Peregrine Honig's favorite models."

What's a double go for there anyway? $12?

Charles Portis, Distinguished Man of Letters said...

Some asshole gets to say he was first on the waterside at the office tomorrow.

And you just know that he will.

Anonymous said...

That vacant house looked much better with no windows, instead of the stupid looking playing cards. Jesus, who the fuck thought that was "artistic"....Looks like shit!!

Fuck Them! said...

Sarah Brady and her group are a cancer on the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the Constitution... where our founding fathers made it crystal clear that they envisioned a fully-armed nation.. little individual militias running around against tyranny.

Hope she keels over soon. said...

Sarah Brady is a boil on the ass of freedom.

Anonymous said...

I fuckin love it!

The death slide's canoes or gondolas or whatever they call them were designed (in Germany) for four people.

But there are "weight issues" ... meaning that the CK locals are such fat fuckers that only three people at a time get to do the long slippery. (not THAT long slippery, dipshit.)

Anonymous said...

Now the meth heads are stealing cows.

You couldn't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Brady is like a seagull. She flies in and makes a bunch of noise and shits all over everything !!