Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jacqueline And Kansas City Tuesday Night

Jacqueline Oloniceva and her Latvian hotness for Agent Lingerie starts our look at all of the important Kansas City mainstream media links tonight . . .

- Cowtown Workplace Tragedy Today: Police say worker died from fall off bridge in Northeast KC

- KCK Highway Crash Aftermath: Child dies after being struck by car over the weekend

- KMBC Fact Check: Mahoney examines ad backing Missouri transportation tax issue

- More Suburban Bickering: Anti-bias debate may not be over in Johnson County

- More Deets On Marcus McGowan: Chase, shooting suspect had past legal troubles, rocky relationship with victim’s mom

- JoCo Workplace Danger Too: Accident at Olathe construction site injures 2

- Turner Report Tells Us Deron Cherry Got A Traffic Ticket: Former Kansas City Chief great pleads guilty in Jasper County Circuit Court

- Non-Profit Solution From The Heartland: Unbound, a Kansas City, Kan., anti-poverty organization, may hold key to U.S. border crisis

- Favorite Dark Humor Headline Of The Day: George Harrison memorial tree killed by beetles

- More Info On Afternoon Search: Rescuers look for possible body in water near Broadway Bridge

- Catholics Keep Kansas City Old Folks Cool: Bishop Sullivan Center has helped low-income elderly in the KC area stay cool as part of its Project ElderCool program. The center provides and installs a window air conditioner in an individual's home and gives them $100 to help pay their electric bill.

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Anonymous said...

I have on good authority that the child was being mouthy to a cyclist outside of Baby Kelly's and was all hopped up on sugar because of the pre naptime 50 cent root beers.

Anonymous said...

Glad that IRON CURTAIN came down and Mr. Gorbachev tore down that wall. There was a lot of nice Communist pussy.