Monday, July 21, 2014

Imogen And Back To The Kansas City Grind

Imogen Thomas starts our morning look @ Kansas City mainstream media links, let's go . . .

- Kansas City Fight To The Death Aftermath: Police detain 2 after man dies in struggle

- Work For Kansas City Start With This Job Opening List

- Season Of Local Danger: Street racers tie up traffic near Kansas City on I-435

- Sunflower State Weed Candidate: Kansas governor's foes watching primary race

- Show-Me Surge In Abuse Cases: Missouri Shelters, Facing Staggering Demand, Turn Abuse Victims Away at Ratio of 2 to 1

- Golden Ghetto Politico: JoCo Congressman Kevin Yoder Has More Than $2.2 MILLION In His Campaign Bank Account

- No Jobs Across The State Line: Kansas Unemployment Rate Up

- Kansas City Fortune Name Check: 5 cities with up-and-coming downtowns

- Local Lesson In Remodeling: Kansas City’s Corinthian Hall is on the rebound

- Tragedy Brings Kansas Town Together: Communities come together for Cady Harris

- Football Training Check: Chiefs must decide if future training camps will take place in St. Joseph

- Kansas City Hotness Starts Now: FOX 4 Forecast: Heat Advisory begins at noon


This is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . . More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Hey, we got plenty jobs here in Kansas. As long as you don't show up with all kinds of unrealistic expectations ... like benefits and more than the minimu legal hourly wage. We're the last free state, the one where 90 percent of the people working do it for minimum wage and no bennies. That's why once you get past the Johnson County line, Kansas looks so prosperous.

Anonymous said...