Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hotties Danni Lima and Magda Tatar Start The Kansas City Tuesday Link Look!!!

Brazilian Bikini Babes Danni Lima and Magda Tatar begin our look @ Kansas City mainstream morning links. Check it:

- Kansas City Digital Junk Celebration Worth A Look: Special Electronics Recycling event at Union Station, this Thursday July 24 from 7am to 1pm, in the North Parking Lot.

- Kansas Aftermath After Tragedy: Town where little girl’s life was taken eager to see justice served

- Save Kansas City And Become A Paramedic!!!

- Report On Real Kansas City @ The Pump: A gas pump landed on the back of her car, knocked out the back window and dented the side, causing $2,300 in damage.

- Public Service Doesn't Pay: Overtime pay to Wyandotte County public safety employees down 20 percent in 2014

- Scam Across The Bridge: Liberty man sentenced for collecting dead mother’s Social Security benefits

- Important Kansas City Documentary Screening: Movie about Sudan’s ‘Lost Boys’ has significant ties to the metro

- KCK Baseball Stays Winning At Least: T-Bones welcome 3 millionth fan

- Sunflower State Rancher Could Save The Planet: Kansas native goes green in a big, big way

- Kansas City Jazz Fest: 2015 Jammin' At The Gem

- Kangaroo Lesson In Rescue: UMKC holds EMS Field Day for students

- Cowtown Talent Competition: American Idol hopefuls display talents in Kansas City auditions

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Anonymous said...

Life's a beach and the world's your oyster when you're toting around a nice dumper.

Anonymous said...

So far this year, the KCK Fire Department has reduced its overtime pay by 51 percent, while the police department has slashed overtime by 28 percent and the sheriff's office has reduced its overtime by eight percent.

When did the sheriff's office ever care about spending money? Has to fund his own personal army.