Monday, July 14, 2014

Hipster Check-In: Kansas City Crossroads Boutique Hotel Soon To Break Ground

KC Biz Journal reports on Golden Ghetto investment in Kansas City proper AND even more local building chaos: "Construction on a 115-room Home2 by Hilton proposed at 20th and Main streets in the Crossroads Arts District could begin late this year, its developer and operator said. Sunflower Development Group of Kansas City is developing the $16 million project for True North Hotel Group, which is based in Overland Park."


Anonymous said...

If it's in Overland Park, wouldn't that be True South?

P Bear said...

Hipsters have mom's credit card.....the place will be packed with douche !

jack Straw from Wichita said...


Wow. what a warm an inviting name... why, this could turn out to be KC's Hotel Marmont.

Anonymous said...

Save our Weird Unused Triangle of Vacant Land that Contributes Nothing to Our Tax Base!

Stop the Toy Hotel!

Children playing could be taken to this hotel and raped!

Black people will stay in it!

All the Hotels we already have are vacant!

Black people will be unjustly and unduly burdened on the East Side that I care so much about and have for the last Week!

Hotels are 19th century technology! Google Rooms will eliminate the need for hotels!

No one in the Crossroads wants this Toy Hotel! Trust Me! They all agree with me and said you should take my word for it!

Hotels in other cities are bankrupting them! There are many hotels in Detroit! Think about it!

Hipsters and young people will be there with their strange music and fashions that I don't like!

Somebody smart was involved with this and that is fucking unacceptable!

Hotels work fine in other places but no one in KC likes them, we are a "inn" kind of town!

Join Hags and Outsiders To Eliminate Leprosy, aka HOTEL KC

Stop the entirely plausibly Leprosy spreading toy hostel!

-Cherry Dejeans, treasurer

Anonymous said...

I like the cut of your jib 7:53. Now all you need to do is fuck Home 2 in the ass and cum on it's lobby and lounge.