Saturday, July 26, 2014

Golden Ghetto JoCo Election Week In Review

This week KCPT considers upcoming Golden Ghetto elections and provides a candidate forum for Johnson County power brokers and contenders.

Check it this week's installment of Week In Review . . .


"For the last four years, Johnson County, KS has been led by this man, Ed Eilert. Now Eilert is seeking re-election. But does he deserve four more years in office?

"Two opponents are challenging him to lead what has been the metro's economic powerhouse.

"With less than two weeks to go before primary election day, we debate the issues in Johnson County with the three candidates wanting your vote. The two top vote getters will advance to the general election in November."


Ed Eilert, Head of JOCO Government
Candidate, Johnson County Chair

Ed Peterson, JOCO Commissioner/Former Fairway Mayor
Candidate, Johnson County Chair

Patricia Lightner, Former Kansas State Lawmaker
Candidate, Johnson County Chair

The Clip:

And this is a big deal considering that JoCo is a big part of the winning border war effort that has lured ritzy residents and biz away from Kansas City proper . . . These folks hope to keep the trend in play.

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Anonymous said...

We have computers now. Just program them to adjust cities balance to the positive. Money doesn't have to be there anymore, just program the computers to accept it anyway. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Too Old. Too Liberal. Too Tight-fistec.

I'm tired of Overlanf Park being In charge of everything. Adios Dc.