Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Dangerous Kansas City Dumping Ground

Aftermath of a local blast and reality that this town is a bit of a dump: Neighbors angry about magnesium explosion at scrap yard


Anonymous said...

High humidity and temperature differential between exterior and interior surfaces of trailer caused condensation to form on inside of trailer. Condensation dripped onto magnesium causing reaction that released hydrogen gas. Hydrogen accumulated inside the trailer in quantity, and was subsequently ignited by atmospheric heat, hot surface, or static release. Hydrogen explosion ignited the magnesium, which burned vigorously.

You read it here first.

Anonymous said...

In many ways, this is a language problem. A "scrap yard" is dirty and bad. A "recycling center" is a good thing. All scrap yards should change their names to "recycling centers". Then they will be redeemed. They both do the exact same thing.